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2014 BD Cult Draft: Discussion Thread

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  • 2014 BD Cult Draft: Discussion Thread

    Originally posted by Caustic Coffee View Post
    Welcome to the Inaugural running of the BD Cult Draft. Many of the basic tenets of movie drafts will remain the same (15 hours per pick, ten rounds), but since this is considered an expert level draft, some additional restrictions will be in place. This is to avoid the producing the same lists that we frequently see in the Horror and All Genre Drafts. There are thousands of amazing films that are never discussed and we have members with amazing movie knowledge, so my hope is that people will stretch their ability and shine a light on some unknown gems that people should be talking about.

    First, only movies with less than 25,000 IMDB ratings will be allowed.

    Female Prisoner 701 had about 1500 ratings and is eligible for the contest.

    As you can see by the highlighted area, Night of the Living Dead had over 60,000 ratings and is therefore not eligible.

    Second, each list can have no more than five horror movies. I recognize this is a horror board, so members have an inclination toward this genre, but we already have a horror draft.

    Finally, the purpose of this draft is to get a break from the typical vanilla fare that is doted upon each draft. I encourage people to give bonuses for creativity and weight their scoring toward lists that make an effort to be different. I will vote for no lists that travel the well-worn path of vanilla.

    The game will begin roughly during the second week of January, so start working on your list.

    The winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate.
    Signups are now open until January 8, 2014. Please PM BOTH Caustic Coffee and H.P. Pufncraft if you’d like to participate. If you do not PM BOTH of us, you’re not in the game.

    The Rules:

    1. You must be a member for longer than six months
    2. You must have at least 500 posts
    3. You’re not a cheater or a troll


    A Draft Thread will be posted with the draft order when the time comes. The first person will draft a movie and the next person has a 15 hour window to submit their draft pick. People will continue to draft according to the order, until we get to the last drafter who will submit the last pick of the first round and the first pick of the second round. So if we have 32 participants it will go 1-32 and then 32-1, whereas the first drafter will eventually put two picks in as well. Drafting will continue for 10 rounds. If you have a question, just post in the discussion thread and someone will help. If you will not be around during your turn, please PM a draft pick and an alternate to another member you trust.

    When you submit a pick, please use this format.

    Movie (Year) – Director


    Members will be paired off in matches where everyone else will vote for each individual movie in each list. The easiest way to accomplish this is to score each list and copy and paste that score for each match, so the scores don't differ. Winners will move on and face each other until a champion is crowned.

    Drafting Begins Friday, January 10 @ 12:00 pm.
    61 Hookers and Counting....

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    PM's sent!


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      PMs sent.

      Bring it on!


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        I can't believe I made it to the signups without getting banned. I was damn sure the hammer would crash down on me before now. Time to cause more trouble in this draft... just kidding. Or am I?


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          PM's sent, definitely should be an interesting draft...


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            PM's sent!

            B-Movie Madness

            Horror Draft 2015:

            1. Sledgehammer
            2. Death O' Lantern
            3. WolfCop
            4.The Editor
            5. Black Roses
            6. The Final Girls
            7. Piranha Part Two
            8. The Vault of Horror
            9. Zombie A-Hole
            10. Blood Massacre
            11. Murder University


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              PM's sent, I'm gonna dominate this mutha .


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                61 Hookers and Counting....


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                  pm's sent!!!
                  2015 wes craven draft
                  1. wes craven's new nightmare (1994)
                  2. scream (1996)
                  3. the hills have eyes (1977)
                  4. the serpent and the rainbow (198eight)
                  5. scream 2 (1997)
                  6. the people under the stairs (1991)
                  7. deadly blessing (1981)
                  8. deadly friend (1986)
                  9. swamp thing (1982)
                  10. my soul to take (2010)
                  11. scre
                  4m (2010)
                  12. cursed (2005)


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                    Looking forward to this. Should be some interesting picks.


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                      PMs sent


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                        Haha, I won't lose. I will destroy you all.


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                          Originally posted by Klownz View Post
                          Haha, I won't lose. I will destroy you all.
                          Pretty tough talk for a guy who carries around two night lights.


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                            Originally posted by Jack the Pin View Post
                            Pretty tough talk for a guy who carries around two night lights.

                            You should join the draft.


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                              Originally posted by Klownz View Post

                              You should join the draft.

                              Thinking about it...