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    The Hidden


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      Halloween 4 and 5


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        Ski Wolf (W/Chris Seaver commentary)


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          Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
          Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

          Great commentaries!


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            Evil Dead-Really entertaining commentary. I enjoyed both, but liked the Bruce Campbell one more because it was more fact based. 8/10

            Friday The 13th 4-As much as I enjoyed director Joe Zito, Screenwriter Barney Cohen & Editor Joel Goodman, the real winner here is the Fans/Directors Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) commentary, who before this I hadn't really heard of. They both easily have a love of the film and are always making fun of the film("Let's put this murder weapon in this sandwich bag"). Highly recommend listening for fun entertainment. 8/10
            Cinema Junkyard


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              The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 w/ cast & Savini commentary. Hilarious, one of my favorites.


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                Originally posted by Urdeadlyfriend View Post
                The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 w/ cast & Savini commentary. Hilarious, one of my favorites.
                "Oh, my achin' banana!" Classic. Very good commentary.

                The Funhouse w/ Tim Sullivan & Tobe Hooper - 3/5

                Some interesting info, but not the most entertaining commentary. Hooper's done better.


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                  Prometheus with Ridley Scott

                  I heard somewhere that this was a bad commentary but I found it excellent and informative.

                  The most enlightening bit was when Scott said the scene where David is in the cockpit of the alien spacecraft and views the 3d map and discovers the sleeping Engineer that it was just Scott and Fassbender on set that day and they were blasting Dark Side of the Moon the whole time.


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                    Puppet Master II

                    w/ Charles Band

                    Meh. Band isn't the most engaging speaker. He speaks more about Full Moon in general than PM II.

                    And he's extremely hypocritical. He talks about a hatred for CGI gore but it's used quite a bit in Gingerdead Man 3 and the latest PM film, Axis Rising.

                    The story about the marketing of Ghoulies was cool, though.

                    Puppet Master III

                    w/ director David DeCoteau & writer C. Courtney Joyner

                    My favorite PM flick gets a fantastic commentary track. DeCoteau and Joyner speak NON STOP about everything from the casting, the locations, edits made to the opening sequence, the FX work and even speak about some interesting tidbits about Puppet Master II.
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                    B-Movie Madness

                    Horror Draft 2015:

                    1. Sledgehammer
                    2. Death O' Lantern
                    3. WolfCop
                    4.The Editor
                    5. Black Roses
                    6. The Final Girls
                    7. Piranha Part Two
                    8. The Vault of Horror
                    9. Zombie A-Hole
                    10. Blood Massacre
                    11. Murder University


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                      First Blood with author of First Blood David Morell

                      The commentary basically tells you the differences between the book & the film with little unknown tidbits about the film throughout. I liked it and David Morell did a great job, but I would have liked a director or Stallone commentary more. 6.5/10
                      Cinema Junkyard


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                        The Hidden director commentary.


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                          Taintlight (w/Chris Seaver and cast)


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                            Texas Chainsaw (2013) w/ Tobe Hooper & Producer

                            Enjoyable and interesting, I really liked this track.


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                              Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan w/ Kane Hodder & Cast


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                                Forbidden World (1982) commentary w/director Allan Holzman