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    Originally posted by travisbickle View Post
    I own The first 6 seasons of Tales From The Crypt and the first season of Tales From The Darkside. That's it.

    I rarely re-watch TV series, so there's not too many that I care to own. I would rather spend my money on movies.

    Edit: I also own Volumes 1 and 3 of Batman The Animated Series. Forgot about those...
    I would also like to get Volumes 2 and 4.
    I'm the same way, I rarely re-watch a tv series over again but movies I would.

    But the exception for me would be to have all the Tales from the Crypt episodes and it's been long enough for me that I would like to re-watch all the X Files episodes from beginning to end.

    And for nostalgia reasons I wouldn't mind owning my favorite cartoon as a kid, the TMNT's cartoon from the 80's, a friend told me you can get the box set?? damn that'd be sweet.
    Razorghosts 2015 Horror Draft

    1. Videodrome 1983 David Croenenberg
    2. Trick r Treat 2007 Michael Dougherty
    3. Event Horizon 1997 Paul.W.S Anderson
    4. Silent Night Deadly Night 1984 Charles E. Sellier Jr.

    5. Evil Dead 2 1987 Sam Raimi
    6. Burnt Offerings 1976 Dan Curtis
    7. Night of the Creeps 1986 Fred Dekker
    8. Demon Knight 1995 Ernest R. Dickenson

    9. Slaughter High 1986 George Dugdale
    10. 976 Evil 1989 Robert Englund
    11. Creepshow 2 1987 Michael Gornick
    12. Scarecrowes 1987 William Wesley


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      Originally posted by The Bear Jew View Post
      Own: (Complete unless specified)

      Eastbound And Down


      Freddy's Nightmares
      Freddy's Nightmares - I have the professional Bootleg it's NICEEEEE!

      Eastbound And Down

      2015 Horror Draft!

      1. It Follows
      2. Maniac
      3. Excision
      4. The Burning
      5. Slither
      6. Shocker
      7. Child's Play
      8. Misery
      9. The Descent
      10. Darkness Falls
      11. Ginger Snaps
      12. Pumpkinhead


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        Originally posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
        Freddy's Nightmares - I have the professional Bootleg it's NICEEE

        Would love to find that. I remember Robert Englund's short lived, other show - Nightmare Cafe was pretty good.
        "Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places."
        H.P. Lovecraft


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          Originally posted by Razorghost View Post
          And for nostalgia reasons I wouldn't mind owning my favorite cartoon as a kid, the TMNT's cartoon from the 80's, a friend told me you can get the box set?? damn that'd be sweet.
          The Box Set runs for $80 bucks and comes in a replica of the Turtle Van.


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            Originally posted by Rusted View Post
            Look who's popped up !
            Yes, it's true, I have risen from the grave. Hello, BDers old and new.

            Personally, I blame my extended sabbatical on the screw-up involving the move from this forum to the new forum. Which, I'm amazed to see, is still currently in a state of screw-up after all this time. I can't believe it. I wandered off, hoping the forum would be sorted out at some point and then, sometime last year, I discovered that I could no longer sign in at the new BD for some reason. I finally figured it out (it was a browser plug-in preventing the log-in pop-up screeny thing from appearing).

            So, yeah, I think I'm back. If I can remember how this whole "talking to people" thing goes.

            That is one huge list you have there.
            Yeah, I kind of feel dirty about it. I hope I never try listing the movies I own.
            Mayhem. In a boilersuit.


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              Manimal. All day and night. (WANT)


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                Originally posted by Dr. McStuffin View Post
                Manimal. All day and night. (WANT)

                Great show, was like one million bucks an episode!


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                  Daria - The complete series
                  House - S1-S6
                  Lost - S1-S5
                  The Walking Dead
                  Game of Thrones
                  True Blood
                  Fringe S1-S2
                  Golden Girls
                  Breaking Bad
                  American Horror Story
                  Felicity (Shhh!!!)

                  X-files (BAD)
                  Fringe S3-S5
                  Californication S4-S5
                  House S7-S8
                  "I will do what Queens do. I will rule."


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                    I always wanted to own the TV series In The Heat of the Night but unfortunately I don't believe the show has ever been released on dvd


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                      Various Doctor Who's
                      Six Feet Under S1-5
                      Lexx S1-4
                      Farscape S1-4
                      Supernatural S1-8
                      Masters Of Horror S1-2

                      The Walking Dead
                      Tales From The Crypt
                      "I'm gonna put something in you, make the devil feel surprised".-Mazzy Star


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                        The Wonder Years is coming out finally later this year, and I want it.


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                          Entourage 1-6
                          Justified 1-4
                          Sons of Anarchy 1-5
                          The Walking Dead 1-3
                          Carnivale 1&2
                          Family Guy 1-12
                          Married With Children 1-11
                          Masters of Horror 1&2
                          Metalocalypse 1-4
                          The Munsters
                          The Office (British)
                          The Office (American) 1-4
                          The Ousbournes 1
                          The Simpsons 1-12
                          The Sopranos 1-6
                          Squidbillies 1
                          Kingdom Hospital
                          That 70s Show
                          Titus 1&2


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                            battlestar galactica (new one)
                            buffy the vampire slayer
                            malcolm in the middle (only season 1 is available)
                            wkrp in cincy (see above)
                            bosom buddies
                            beavis and butthead
                            star trek tos
                            star trek the animated series
                            sarah conner chronicles
                            arrested development
                            the simpsons
                            the venture brothers
                            leave it to beaver
                            the adventures of superman (fifties)
                            the adventures of pete and pete
                            my so-called life
                            fawlty towers
                            spider-man (neil patrick harris)
                            veronica mars

                            bootlegs (would love high quality releases of all of these)

                            batman (60's)
                            spider-man (cartoon from mid-nineties)
                            spider-man (live action from seventies)
                            just the ten of us
                            elekra woman and dynagirl
                            the tick (cartoon)


                            the complete twilight zone
                            the popcorn kid
                            together we stand
                            heart of the city
                            the adventures of beans baxter
                            the first three seasons of head of the class
                            the many loves of dobie gillis
                            land of the giants
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                            2015 wes craven draft
                            1. wes craven's new nightmare (1994)
                            2. scream (1996)
                            3. the hills have eyes (1977)
                            4. the serpent and the rainbow (198eight)
                            5. scream 2 (1997)
                            6. the people under the stairs (1991)
                            7. deadly blessing (1981)
                            8. deadly friend (1986)
                            9. swamp thing (1982)
                            10. my soul to take (2010)
                            11. scre
                            4m (2010)
                            12. cursed (2005)


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                              The only TV I own is the original 3 series' of The Killing and Twin Peaks.
                              ""I was perfect"- Nina Sayers"

                              Have a looky at my new horror movie blog!



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                                Family Guy 1-11
                                Chappelle's Show
                                Good Times 1-4
                                Tales From The Crypt 1-5
                                Tales From The Darkside
                                Friday The 13th: The Series
                                Beavis And Butthead
                                Count Duckula
                                DuckTales 1-3
                                Dungeons and Dragons
                                The Real Ghostbusters
                                He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
                                Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
                                Punky Brewster
                                Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (198
                                Teen Wolf (80's animated show)
                                Tigersharks/Streetfrogs/Karate Kat/ Camp Mini-Mon
                                Transformers (1984)