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    Wow you guys I feel so pedestrian next to all of you now. Really all of you are so talented!


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      Originally posted by voodoo_dolly View Post
      Wow you guys I feel so pedestrian next to all of you now. Really all of you are so talented!
      The first of that was retrospective.

      second bit was partly about VOO. Thank you for the sparks.
      There is no such thing as DEATH; it's just a trrransformation.
      No hay fin para ti. No hay fin para mi.


      My old place in toronto had a bidet...I liked using it, cleaned the shit outta there + it felt good. Ever masturbate with a stream of water on your asshole? Feels great, try it sometime.


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        Death as black as the ravenís wing
        carried from the earth to the land of Hades
        There is no grief, no sorrow, only relief,

        Blood as red as the deepest Rose
        flows from the wound that you have caused
        each drop like a tear from the heavens

        Stench pungent as the battle of war
        Carried on the winds thru heaven and hell
        Such a sweet smell to carry my soul

        Love as meaningless as life itself
        Never caring and always taking
        Shall become nothing less for me.

        Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.


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          Wilting in a pile of depravity, surrounded by the same sounds day after day.
          sweet, bitter, murderous debris.
          lost in the fleghm of the disease ridden perfumed ones.
          alone to face the money wrapped hordes, who spit blood at any passing lecture.
          new line of enemys, new line of dogs.
          new puke runs down old chin........
          dreanched with the sweat of pigs, he falls to the concrete.
          confused, mangled, intestine strangled.
          will he ever smell again?
          not sure of the rain, why be red when you can get along fine without rat urine.......................

          inconsistency breeds blasphemy.
          where oh where will he turn now, not to the hell ridden apartment he used to call heaven, perhaps to the toilet, where we have met and tortured one another on numerous occasions..................

          To not be free is the only intention, to feed on one another.
          being late for the tie hanging party, opened to ignorant exploration.
          while the toe stubbed army trampled the land of young gifted zoo staff.
          plege to orange open meetings of friendship or meat. you could only systematically dispose of radiation candles, if the illustrations matched the cuticle tiles.
          lick by the iced tongue of instant sanity, long be gone are the elder prong masquera linens, to once aGAIN fill the deeds of your winter smile.......................

          smart does little good today, opening cans of french ignorance, leaving little time for the english lashings across the face or back, depending on the mood of the unholy.
          burnt sections of urine soaked blanket shadows have little to say with open arm lacerations, spewing filth, soaking the beauty, drentched in mind spasms.
          he then felt a falling sensation like non before, hitting the air as though it was concrete, desperate to find the answer to all the questions of the past..................

          I will help you Hara-Kiri
          I will be your wakizashi
          as your guts spill rampant before loathing eyes
          you have betrayed
          you have beheaded the social arteries
          as your lapse in time
          has faded black before me
          can we ever realize the dominion of your angst
          through the maze of your secretion
          disguised we once were
          together as the head to the body lie
          emotionless and detatched
          red river running
          lapped up by the passing disarmed loyals
          who spit freely in the eyes of your wisdom.
          Time to move on, as the crumbled earth calls to me!!
          whispering is present in timeless fury.
          the mind.
          the mind.
          attached to your visions.
          alone as the vast imagery draws a path.
          trotting this beyond for centuries without feet.
          frail helps the fall as the weather would not allow it.
          endure this rot, the very next though....left behind and so can this be..................

          Ragged rugged freindship torn
          through the lifeline of rebelled resistance
          forging the blood thick cosmos
          to forget the time which we loved
          under spasms of lightened comfort
          we sink into slumber
          as the hour pecks apart your every decision
          crumbled to the earth as a dried up tulip.................

          oh these orgasmic meadows of contemplation
          ill tempted on gas fumed obscenity
          crying into the night we bleed the snowflakes clean of their premonitions, can we sliver up to the masses any sooner?
          all amidst this madness we remember the yearning for
          the relics of a time capsuled religion
          memories of burnt depression
          i've dreampt before
          I used to dream
          bt not anymore
          we've floated away
          way to far
          for this to overcome me once again
          i'm sleeping again.......and forever
          sitting in filth of the past of remorse
          ive waited so long for the night to be crushed before me
          under the bliss of a warm pigment
          you have read the mind alone forever
          being who you thought was dead
          all over again............................

          Stuck for good
          this lonely place nurtured you
          a few good times to throw away for the blind
          to reap the frail winds off of your back
          to want is a journey long wasted
          a time to look to for a lie
          Ive seen your space before you
          let me know your smile for dead
          uniquely dead we lie so still
          never second guess against the wind
          be formed on a rock so low to the demons
          ive tasted this filth before
          as I've ended this futile war
          I saw you cry on her shoulder
          tears of unsettled services
          that kept you where you didnt want to go.
          alive again tomorrow.
          these stars will fall from above
          to cut me deeply shining
          asked them to stop for a while
          only kept the blood running feircly
          to many excuses
          to many to exhaust my wisdom
          any clearer and id shatter
          Stuck again
          against the wall
          wondering at all?
          what Im for, through looking at you
          I've discovered love again
          you shut out the light for me
          and Im so ugly inside it scares me
          for once I'd like to know your touch
          because you called me again
          the night shall never end..........

          when you shall smile
          for the dead
          for the time being
          humility now becomes a slap in the cold
          your winter hands shatter still to softly to see
          being free from the pain of anxiety
          being free from freedom
          to you i gaze a sense of dignity
          while my eyeballs envelope cadavers
          seen only through the dark wisdom
          of a blanket layed down to rest
          for the seas of the endless dead
          how to stay a wondering pair
          through out this life together
          breathed in alot of harm
          into your eyes I stare
          haven't we found a part in their soul?
          how will we know If we know where to go
          we've already happened to pass the time
          It's through staying together
          that we have become one.......alone
          I can stay silent for good
          come to accept the proper moods of defeat
          wrong doings surround this union
          of evils plan to dominate
          have we lived wrong in this natural state
          to be swallowed by deception
          a solution
          forward to ways of pain....

          blessing i have given, to you one sweet afternoon
          be still
          can we trust that the wind will blow again
          inpregnated in this barren soil
          lies the key to our existence
          once again the seeds will grow
          but time will tell
          youll never know
          youve dissapeared so long ago
          to free your childs eyes of this
          so far we have yet one exists
          to learn a new begining pattern
          the paisley art of yesteryears
          till we remain to disappear..............

          Please be kind everyone.


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            Sorry for bringing this thread back to life

            Unfinished song I've mean working on:

            Why don't you show, some self control
            Find someone to love and take a hold
            I would hold you but afraid I wont let you go
            Hate to tell you that I told you so

            Have to leave you before I hurt myself
            You want heaven, gave you hell
            Can't you see, the forest from the trees
            I just want you to be happy

            Why don't you show, some self control
            Find someone to love and take a hold
            I would hold you but afraid I wont let you go
            hate to tell you that, I love you so
            Cinema Junkyard


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              Negative One(-1)

              At a distance - I could understand - your lack of understanding - but I thought - when you got close enough you'd see these were scars on my skin - not stripes for you to try to change.

              I said petty, you heard pretty.
              Clearly, there's no interest on the attention you pay.
              There are two different outcomes that I'm too indifferent to.
              So, tell me now, are you sad or satisfied?

              Mine - Us - You
              I'm always minus you but I'm the Negative one.
              I'm the -1

              Am I a friend or afraid?
              Am I so stuck in my ways? Is this content or contempt?
              Am I doing what I'm supposed to...
              Or just what I'm used to...
              A statue of my limitations - Look forward but never move...

              Used to think - We were - Thick as thieves...
              It's easy to see...
              What they mean - When they say - There's no honor among us...


              Her plastic lips, the warmest kiss...
              Never dreamed, it could be like this...
              But if I touch you...
              Will you come to life?

              You're the vicious lie that spreads to me...
              The tumor that spreads through me...

              By now I know...
              The Heavens were low on soul...
              The day you were ill conceived...
              So, I'm asking you...
              What are your eyes a window to?

              You could be my woman, mannequin, my nothing at all.

              Cold, hard, candied shell suits you well...
              But if I touch you...
              Will you come to life?

              I can't differentiate...
              Can't seperate...

              If you're flesh or just flesh - ish?
              Phantom? All fetish...
              Figment of my desperation...

              You're as real as I make you...
              As real as I let you be...

              And after I love you there are only ashes left...


              Red spider webbed like a bloodied windshield....
              Rather see cracks in the face than the mirror that it's staring into...
              But the reflection now...
              Is gone...

              Can't carry on...
              With carrion...
              Decay, decay...
              It's gone away, away...
              It's all gone now...
              It's all gone black with flies...
              It's all gone...
              Now, black with flies...

              Every - thing - Fester - ing...

              The chalk lines are all...
              Overlapping here...
              And I can't hear a thing...
              Over the buzzing in my ears...

              Festering - Everything - Is gone now...
              Everything is black with flies...


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                ^^^^Nice one Matt, Keep it up^^^^

                This is a small piece i wrote for my English class when i was 12, we were studying beat poetry. this got me sent to the school counselor and not a word of it is changed, i really should finish it.

                My Dark Place

                If this place was a horror film, it would be the greatest gore fest ever seen on the silver screen, red screen, black screen whatever scene is seen the children are told itís just a dream. The more you pull life by its leash to give this town some positive release and all the veterans get some piece. All Iím trying to say is, the carnival is in town and the clowns can throw some guts on the police. These clowns are so familiar, imagine Jack Nicholson now in the joker outfit, you laugh at me as you rot where you sit. These things are not just a load of shit, these are my dreams and that is it. Iím extremely sorry if Iím babbling but itís the only thing I can do to help myself unravelling. My pillow is covered with sweat, I donít know why because the nightmare has not begun yet.

                I lay down and close my eyes all dizzy from smoking flies which are no more than Grimís henchmen in decent disguise. The Sandman and I play our long drawn game, he wins again and shows no shame. He tells me ďYour penalty is a choice of my own, and trust me my lad the place you go will be far from homeĒ. So this is it, Iím in the shit the only thing I can do is swim and wade through it. As I drift through the swamp I can see the trees are alive, they scrutinise me with their one thousand eyes and once again I feel like Iím smoking flies. The waterfall is not small and at the bottom lies a wall, the swamp is deep and my fear seeps as I fall fast i forget im asleep. I hit the void, my good luck is destroyed, this place is so place for the sub sub-humanoid.


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                    Originally posted by travisbickle View Post
                    Not a fan of poetry i take it