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    Hey everyone, Starting to promote my project, StrangerHood - a quirky story about a young couple stuck in a small town where strange things happen like time machines, satanic cats, secret societies, poisonous shrubbery and psychopathic serial killers.

    It's in the hands of a publisher right now, we'll see if they say yes. But if they don't I'll still get it out there. There is a facebook page that needs love. Like it, Share it!

    The Facebook page will have updates on the project and other cool little tidbits.

    StrangerHood - Facebook page

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    that loooks pretty groovy. good luck and hope the publisher is down...

    2015 all-genre draft
    1. hero at large (1980)
    2. mystery men (1999)
    3. super (2010)
    4. the return of swamp thing (1989)
    5. batman returns (1992)
    6, spider-man strikes back (197
    7. the specials (2000)
    8. darkman (1990)
    9. supergirl (1984)
    10. defendor (2009)