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Rue Morgue's 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need to See

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  • Rue Morgue's 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need to See

    Anyone else pick this up at BAM? It's fun to flip through. What hidden gems would you add to the list? Which picks do you disagree with?

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    I saw this book at BAM too and looked through it. Some interesting movies in there, wrote some of them down in my phone so I'll be watching them soon.
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      I've been seeing this one around town everywhere. I find myself agreeing with much of what Rue Morgue has to say and they've lead me to a lot of flicks I may never have seen without their mag. I suppose I should grab it.

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        I have it and love it.
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          I'm working my way through it as we speak. Rue Morgue has their shit together. I trust whatever they can throw at me.


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            I was surprised how many of them are available on Netflix streaming. I tossed a pile of them in my queue for watching now that los kiddos are back in school!