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    Originally posted by Heretic View Post
    That bad eh? What model do you have? I've heard people having more problems with the game on the older models.

    This might be a stupid question, but have you updated your system lately? I only ask, because I used mine right out of the box, with no internet connection, and games were freezing all over the place. I updated, and the problem was solved. Maybe it's something simple like that.
    I think I last updated around Christmas.
    I have 40Gb Model... about 18 months old if I remember.
    Since I reset the machine it's been OK, a couple of moments when it's been jumpy - like when I chased Korda into the meat freezer.
    In any case I will be doing a system check.
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      Originally posted by SirStoneyOfBow View Post
      I think I last updated around Christmas.
      I have 40Gb Model... about 18 months old if I remember.
      Is that the "big" model? My buddy has the first gen system, and is having the exact same issues(crashing, no sound).

      I'm guessing with a game as popular as this, a patch should be out in no time.


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        Originally posted by SirStoneyOfBow View Post
        I'm annoyed.
        The game is freezing on me too, and even worse sometimes the sound cuts out.
        I havent checked with my other games or BR discs but I HIGHLY doubt my PS3 is dying on me seeing as I don't overuse the thing. It only began to occur from the first crime scene onwards.... I am so fucking annoyed.

        Don't worry about that. I had it freeze a couple of times especially once for about five minutes during the face break scenes. Not to mention the sound has been cutting off at certain times and skipping other times. It's the game.

        Whoever thought it was smart to have trophy's pop up during those break scenes are idiots. Sometimes it just likes to hang there and considering it was a 4gb install.... Inconceivable.

        Originally posted by Heretic View Post
        Just finished the game. BEWARE OF BIG SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!! I MEAN FUCKING BIG!!!

        Can't say you weren't warned.

        DLC I believe is what those extra slots are for under chapters. Maybe even the different endings? I don't have the game on so I forget if they list the endings there.
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          I like the trophies in terms of what you need to do. Clearly in every scenario you need to do something right or without failing in the button correspondence. It makes you concentrate a tad more.


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            Like Heretic I never got the killer right, and by fuck some of those achievements are tough without some guidance. You need to be very precise in attaining them.
            I stupidly got Jayden killed at the end, which annoyed me to no end, but this is a terrific game with a very satisifying ending.
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              Looks like it's going to be adapted to film:

              Heavy Rain Movie Deal Close
              Source: Deadline New York
              May 19, 2010


              Fincher would be awesome for this.

              Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting.


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                the game is one of my favorites, the movie would be really cool.

                My cast:

                Ethan: Tom Hardy or Christian Bale
                Shelby: Jason Alexander
                Jayden: Joesph Gordon Levitt
                Madison: Scarlet Johansson