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  • Currently having a fuck load of fun on Cops n Crooks on GTA IV


    • Originally posted by Porn N Gore View Post
      you have NO Merit!

      You play jumper

      you know the sad thing is though i will never go back to LO i wanted to rip that hair out of Kaim's head...the one he clearly ripped off from the guy in thats an RPG...way back in the old challenging rip your skull off cause its so damn hard but when you beat it its so damn good..

      that needs an update, screw xenosaga that was just...blah..
      Jumper was $10, new. I figured I would see how bad it was. and it's pretty fucking bad.

      I own Xenogears. but couldn't get into it due to the lack of dual analog support. it killed it for me. but I'm still holding on to it due to it's value. I have a bunch of PS1 RPG's. hell, I even have a sealed Breath of Fire 4, because I picked it up dirt cheap and already had a mint BoF4.


      • if there is one RPG that i would love to be remade it would of been Xenogears...

        granted if i remember correctly it had a heavy Religion/philosophy vibe sort of like neon genesis evangelion

        you fought on foot you fought in giant mechs that didn't suck Gundam's cock..


        • yeah, you're right on. Square has a tendency to dump great franchises in the trash and forget about them if they don't have the word "fantasy" in their title. the Chrono series has been on hiatus until this DS release, which is generally underwhelming, considering Chrono fans, like myself, want a new entry into the series. opposed to porting the game to yet another system. I've already played it on the SNES and PS1!

          the there's the Xenogears franchise which has a huge following, and the oft underated Vagrant Story, which was pretty unusual and cool for it's time. (another one I own!)


          • NHL Hitz 20-02 classic


            • I'm playing right now:
              Dragon Quest 8
              FF Tactics
              Harvest Moon BTN


              • Bully: Scholarship Edition.

                I am bizzy running around tanning lockers and stealing stuff out of them, during my breaks between classes, and I also do the odd storymission as well. But I am leaving most of those till I have all the classes done. Well that's the plan anyway. I have just opened chapter two and the city is now open to me. But I am still staying in and around the school till classes are done. I played this on the PS2 when it came out. I noticed there are frame rate problems and crashing problems with the Scholarship Edition on the 360. It doesn't happen often, but to combat that I just save regular. Once a day or once every two days. I had to laugh when the Prefects were chasing me and couldn't catch me and shouted something like: hey, ninja boy. I wont stop till I get you. then you see them give up cos their out of breath lol.

                "Come over here I'm going to fucking stab you!."


                • The bourne conspiracy and n+.

                  I hate finding shit, ofcourse in TBC they make you find passports. Assholes.


                  • do you ever just play your XBLA games, because you're too lazy to get up and take the game out of your system?


                    • Always.

                      If I'm ever seen playing Zuma it's probably because I don't want to get my lazy ass out of bed.


                      • Originally posted by depecheanix View Post

                        If I'm ever seen playing Zuma it's probably because I don't want to get my lazy ass out of bed.
                        exactly. keep hearing about the new Vigilante 8 game for the XBLA. that fucker needs to come out already. that will be a blast.

                        rented Halo 3 and COD4. after 3 matches, I quickly remembered why I got rid of this. insane spawn killing. Halo 3 was pretty fun. mostly because the lady likes to play it together.

                        can't wait for another great online game. like I said, V8 might quench that thirst. it would be sweet if you could design your own car. oh well.


                        • Im playing Resident Evil Outbreak for the ps2. i love zombies


                          • Originally posted by Rom_138 View Post
                            Im playing Resident Evil Outbreak for the ps2. i love zombies
                            One of my favorite RE's. Love it, especially the great translations the Japanese tried to make when you try to issue a command. "Come on"=You son of a bitch.
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                            Game Of The Year=Metal Gear Solid 4


                            • Uh...

                              Breath of Fire (for GBA on my DS)
                              Magical Starsign (DS)
                              Atlier Iris (PS2)
                              Fatal Frame 2 (XBox)
                              and I'm watching my boyfriend play Assasin's Creed on the PS3


                              • I just finished Ninja Gaiden 2 on Mentor.
                                Yes I am awesome.
                                Debating if I wanna do Master Ninja, I don't know if I hate myself quite that much yet at least the mission mode should be interesting.

                                Also playing Alone in the Dark, fun game if you are willing to forgive its flaws.

                                Awesome sig by n3gative3.