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  • Arkham City. Batman owns my life!
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    • Originally posted by flamethrowerkv View Post
      Counter Strike 1.6 of course
      That game is always good


      • Originally posted by OldAverageJoe View Post
        That game is always good
        I am going professional gaming CS...Yeah always good & the most popular FPS,though it's from 1999


        • Re started Fabel 3
          Frighttttttttt Nighttttttttttt.......... For Real


          • Castlevania Symphony of the Night
            ps1 (1997)

            This is the coolest fucking game ever, I've played it probably hundreds of times over and never get sick of it!
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            1. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - James Gunn
            2. Aliens (1986) - James Cameron
            3. Starship Troopers (1997) - Paul Verhoeven
            4. Blade Runner (1982) - Ridley Scott

            5. Europa Report (2013) - Sebastian Cordero
            6. Porky's (1982) - Bob Clark
            7. Swingers (1996) - Doug Liman
            8. The Running Man (1987) - Paul Michael Glaser

            9. Weekend at Bernies (1989) - Ted Kotcheff
            10. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) - Eli Craig


            • Costume Quest. I missed this last Halloween so I downloaded it today. Neat little Halloween RPG.

              Right, 'cause the world is just buzzing about this 4th entry to an already tired franchise. I can't seem to go anywhere without hearing about Jurassic World. It's the next Hunger Games.

              $30 - $40 million opening weekend if they're lucky, and then out of existence it will quickly go. Count on it.


              • My tv is broken so im not playing shit..
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                • Uncharted 3 - I'm up to chapter 10, and so far it's a great technical showcase, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. The story is a great Indiana Jones-esque tale, as usual. Sully and the gang are all back, with a few new characters thrown in the mix. The environments are spectacular, and they really nail the look and feel of a great adventure story. The graphics overall have been tweaked and improved, right down to the fine detail on Sully's five o'clock shadow as well. It's a damn pretty game, no doubt about that.

                  Where I've always felt the Uncharted series has stumbled, is in the gameplay, and this is no different. The character animations are so finely tuned, that Drake can be a handful to control at times. Sometimes you just want to run forward, but Drake is too busy trying to get into his "touch wall" animation, that it can become a chore. Basically, Drake controls like a drunk at times. The gunplay is as flawed as it's always been. Some headshots don't register, some guys take ten bullets to put down, others take two. It's just not very refined. Melee combat has been improved, and has a Batman AA feel to it, but not as polished. It's fun to use, when your back is against the wall, but so far the only room where it seemed neccessary is the first scene of the game.

                  Platforming and exploring the areas haven't changed much, and I guess that's my problem with the franchise as a whole. It's the same game as it's always been, with a new coat of paint. Find an area, scale the wall into the area, shoot the bad guys, solve a puzzle and escape. It's fun and all, but this game has done nothing to shake my feelings that the Uncharted franchise is a tad overrated. Nathan Drake ain't got shit on Batman.



                  • Finished Dead Island yesterday. It took me a little while to get into it but I really liked it. It's like Left 4 Dead but open world and it's not over in just an hour.

                    Hopefully I'll be able to pick up Arkham City and Gears of War 3 soon.


                    • One more week until MGS HD Collection!


                      • Just picked it up!
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                        • My daughter wanted to play some more Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster today. The thing is, is that she wanted to play and play and play. We ended up playing for just over 6 hours straight with nothing more then 3, 10 minute breaks. My entire body feels like a gelatinous mass. Kinect games arent over strenuous but hours upon hours of arm/leg/body motion really adds up. At least I knocked out all of the achievements except two.

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                          • I decided to have a few hours of nostalgia and I played Wolfenstein 3D and Diablo 1 on my pc. <3 Other than that, this adorable Zombie Life game on the iphone.


                            • DC UNIVERSE ONLINE. Fun game. Awesome that they finally made it free.


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