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  • WWE 12 - A step in the right direction, but still lots of room for improvement. The control scheme is probably the closest it's ever been to the good old N64 games, which is great. It's easy to pick up and play, which is more than I can say for the rest of the WWE games of the past ten years. The "create a fighter" is one of the deepest I've seen as well. This game excels at customization.

    The story mode is a joke, and the "counter" button is still hit or miss(Just map it to RB already THQ. The trigger isn't responsive enough). The animations are still a little strange, with plenty of graphical glitches as well.

    Overall though, much better than the "S vs R" games of the past.



    • Originally posted by Porn N Gore View Post
      Why is a manual save so hard Ubisoft?

      I will say i am digging the older looking ez better then the younger douche look he had going on.

      But you are right, i am up to i think 3 or 4 memory and it just flies by. I guess they figured we are all sick of the same guy for the last couple of game.
      Just wait until you hit memory strand 7. The last 3 fly by at light speed and strand 9 is merely a sequence of cutscenes broken up with some walking. They added the Portal-esque Desmond sequences on Animus Island which add more back story for him but ultimately the game is ridiculously short. Im sure I could speed run the thing in 3-4 hours.
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      • Still playing Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3


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          • I really hate Desmond as a character and the fucking FPS things you have to go through with him already annoy me and I only finished one. IF they do another one, please put some fresh ideas. I am already counting how many of the guards I kill have the same faces...its funny.


            • Anyone get Back To Karkand download for Battlefied 3? Just downloaded it for free since I got the limited edition. Pretty stoked.


              • Originally posted by OldAverageJoe View Post
                Still playing Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
                That still isn't out in stores here.

                Originally posted by jarofsap View Post
                What game is this?
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                • I haven't played a video game since september,
                  so i've been kinda missin the vids lately as my money is going towards everything else. barring the sessions of BF3 and COD MW3 i've blundered into, theres been no gaming. No bueno, tried n true believers..enough of the stan lee shit tho lol..
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                  • Now that finals are over I will have some free time.

                    I bought Hard Corps: Uprising and as a fan of the Contra games im having a blast(no pun intended).


                    • What game are you playing now?

                      Heroes-VI and Batman Arkham Asylum.
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                      • Originally posted by oxley View Post
                        That still isn't out in stores here.

                        What game is this?
                        Infinity blade II I want to say for the mobile

                        I just picked up the badass armor in ASS creed Rev and it reminds that Ubisoft can still make a cool dungeon everynow and again


                        • Dungeon Defenders - Pretty much Torchlight meets Trenched, and it's fucking awesome! It's a third person action RPG, in a Tower Defense setting. Much like Trenched, you control a character with a certain class based skill set(Tank, Support, Ranged etc.). You also have access to many types of tower defense weapons as well. The goal of the game is like any other TD game, where you protect your "core" from waves of enemies. The difference here is that the game lets you stop to regroup and strategize in between waves. The waves aren't constant, like in other games, which is a nice change of pace, and leaves the margin for error completely in the player's hands. .

                          Where this game blows Trenched out of the water though, is in depth. You had 10 levels to grind in Trenched, but in this game you have 80. 80 levels,with 4 character types, each with their own specific weapons, towers, and skills. All that adds up to one hell of an addictive game. The co-op is fantastic as well.

                          With this game, Trenched, and Toy Soldiers, I think this action/tower defense genre has become one of my favorites. This game easily tops them all though.



                          • Zombie Life on the iphone


                            • FUCK YOU UBISOFT!

                              Fuck you and your bloated ass bitches.
                              Fuck you and your stupid extended cant/wont end storyline
                              Fuck you for actually make waste my time

                              I mean what was the fucking point of Ass creed revelations? Did it actually revel anything? Fuck no! Did it do nothing but be one big clusterfuck of historical people interwoven in some convoluted plot I forgot about years ago? yes!


                              Fuck you.

                              A pissed off historian ..........

                              Wasted my god-damn time....


                              • SKYRIM ALL THE WAY
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