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Hulk v.s. Incredible Hulk

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    Originally posted by AbsorbantJellyfish View Post
    masterpiece is kinda strong for a movie with mutant poodles.
    Dawn of the Dead had blue faced zombies and bright red blood but I'd argue that was also a masterpiece.


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      Originally posted by CreepyThinMan View Post
      Dawn of the Dead had blue faced zombies and bright red blood but I'd argue that was also a masterpiece.
      yea but they weren't cgi blue faced zombies. i love dawn of the dead, i wouldn't call it a masterpiece tho.

      in any case it's kinda hard to compare'em, but ang lee's hulk was boring as shit, with all the money and technology of today, while dawn of the dead had some of the worst looking zombies ever filmed, was made with little to no money by today's standards,and it still is a much more entertaining movie then the hulk. i don't think either is a masterpiece, but dawn of the dead definitely comes closer.
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        Originally posted by THE DEMON OF THORN View Post
        ang lee's hands down. i have already explained why a million times a fought all the people who thought it wasnt faithful. im tired at this point.

        angs is the best

        norton's was bull shit
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          Neither, as said before. Ang Lee's version had great character developement along with an atmosphere not seen in many comic book adaptations, let alone the majority of Hollywood films. We also can't forget the beautiful cinematography used in that film. Sadly, that was all the film had, which for a comic book adapation-- depending on the material, isn't enough. The idea of having the Hulk be larger than needed, while that was present in some comic book incarnations of the character, was just straight out silly and lame. The action was weak and the inclusion of the terribly animated, redicilously unneeded poodles just threw the movie completely off course. That, with a lackluster, cliche ending destroyed the majority of the great things built with the tone and characters.

          The Incredible Hulk switched the table and went all out and did the action right... but gave us much, much more than needed. The characters all followed some form of stereotypical action character. Not even Edward Norton could bring the version of Bruce Banner that was written for that film.

          As of today, there hasn't been a perfect or great film incarnation of the Hulk.


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            Incredible Hulk.

            Hulk's use of the comic book panels was overused and unnecessary.

            He said, "hit gold," not, "hit a septic line and get shit spewed in my face".


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              Originally posted by superfry View Post
              Whichever didn't have the fucking "Hulk-poodles".
              Agreed. Norton FTW.


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                angs was horrible, norton ftw!


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                  heres a bunch of points i made last year



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                    Sounds like Marvel plans to keep The Hulk busy for the next few years



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                      The Incredible Hulk.

                      Fucking hated Lee's Hulk film.

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                        Ang Lee's Hulk gets a lot of undeserved hate. That's not to say it's a perfect film, but it's not terrible, either, it's just too fucking long. You could literally take out the entire beginning with David Banner as well as some other scenes & get the exact same effect.

                        The Incredible Hulk was closer to what I feel like a live action Hulk film should be, but it didn't fully expand on everything I was hoping it would.

                        My vote would easily go to TIH, because of the reason stated above, but we still have yet to receive a definitive, mind-blowing Hulk movie that encompasses every necessary element of the character.


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                          The Incredible Hulk, no contest.

                          Although I've warmed up nicely to Ruffalo as The Hulk. I'm thinking if he ever gets a solo film it will take the cake.


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                            I've always preferred Ang Lee's version. Eric Bana played Bruce better than Ed Norton, but then Mark Ruffalo played him better than anyone.


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                              Fuck Lee's version, I love Incredible Hulk. Makes the other look trashy.
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                                I thought Ang Lee's Hulk was an admirable failure.

                                The Incredible Hulk was just a failure.

                                Pre-production, green screened test footage of The Hulk in The Avengers, is better than both of them combined.