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  • Boardwalk Empire

    Wow, HBO is getting cool again.


    Now that looks like a great new series. After having to endure some cancellations of some truly great shows like Deadwood, and Carnivale, while scratching my head at the continuations of mediocre shit like Entourage, and True Blood, HBO finally has another drama I'm interested in.


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    An appealingly authentic drama starring Steve Buscemi (and maybe Omar from The Wire) that takes place in NJ, I'm definitely interested. And Scorsese having directed the pilot episode makes me look forward to the series that much more.
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      I'm surprised more people aren't talking about this series (though we can rest assured more will once it starts airing).

      As Heretic said, HBO seems to be really getting their shit together for the next year or so.

      Remember five (?) or so years ago? HBO had Carnivale, The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, and Six Feet Under--a freaking amazing lineup. Now, it seems HBO is entering that second wind. We have Treme, we're going to get Boardwalk Empire, and then we'll be receiving Game of Thrones next year.

      Good... 'effin... goodness.

      Granted, True Blood and Big Love and such shows have tided me over, but none have really struck that insane obsessive cord in me. However, with this line up I think we can say HBO is gonna be back in prime form, ladies and gentlemen.


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        I can't wait for this series. The pilot episode is the most expensive one ever made and directed by Martin Scorcese. AND it's from the geniuses who made the Sopranos!
        Count me in.

        "I have no idea where this will take us but I have a feeling it will be both wonderful and strange"


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          Cho yun tea

          Does anyone know what projects he is working on, like How to Make it in America, Entreatment, and Boardwalk Empire? And when can we expect to see them?
          Cho Yung Tea


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            I can't wait for this. It's good to see the likes of Michael K. Williams getting some more screen time and Buscemi has always been one of my favorite actors. Looks like a winner. Hopefully it doesn't get the same bums rush as Deadwood though.


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              It looks pretty good. I'm going to try to get into it.
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                are you guys kidding me?? thread is dead!!

                this sunday! Can't wait


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                  So excited! Great cast.


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                    The talent attached to this project makes it seem too good to be true, and after watching A Serious Man I was looking forward to Michael Stuhlbarg's next performance, looks like this is going to be it.
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                      looks sweet! hbo now has this and treme that are great!


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                        Im a fan of True Blood, Entourage and Hung. I enjoy watching all three every Sunday. Now of course that their respective seasons are done Im excited to check out Boardwalk Empire. I've always enjoyed watching Michael Pitt, very underrated actor.


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                          how was it?? I missed it

                          gonna have to catch a repeat


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                            It was fantastic. I loved every piece of it. I just hope Mark Wahlberg doesn't have a cameo later on cause he is an exec producer like with Entourage. haha. But it was great. Gonna be right up there with Bored to Death as far as shows that I like.


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                              i give it a "meh." it wasn't as good as i expected