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  • Originally posted by Santa Sangre View Post
    Thanks dude!

    Looks like a melted caramel cake.
    No problem

    I'll be doing the Demon Rat and Grave Robbers tonight and the final film in the set, Don't Panic, friday.

    Oddly enough that creature is birthed underneath a giant halloween themed birthday cake.


    • Originally posted by bloodydollface View Post

      I didn't mind the movie, but was expecting it to be better, especially with cast it had.
      My Dad really likes that movie for some reason.

      Originally posted by Gabberhouse24 View Post
      Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 8.5/10

      Love this flick.

      "Oh ok, I'll just go fuck myself."
      One of my favorite modern comedies.

      It was also the first time I noticed how hot Mila Kunis was.
      61 Hookers and Counting....


      • Originally posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
        I keep forgetting there is a 78 version, is it any good? So there's 56, 78, 93, 07 is this the most remade film?

        Welcome to B-D!
        Also Goke,Bodysnatcher From Hell
        Cinema Junkyard


        • Seven Psychopaths.

          4th viewing. Still awesome.


          • Originally posted by black coffee View Post
            Seven Psychopaths.

            4th viewing. Still awesome.
            I really need to see that.
            61 Hookers and Counting....


            • Training Day - 8.5/10

              Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film. - Heretic


              • Originally posted by Rusted View Post

                Love the uncut version.

                i try to watch it once or twice a year

                ot: taking chances starring kevin bacon powerful little film(78 mins runnning time) 8/10


                • Watched Outlander and Feast on blu. Great sound, iffy transfers. Outlander might have been superior but the contrast was lacking. As far as the films...both movies are pretty worthy modern monster movies. Outlander is just shy of greatness, a better creature design and some overall sexiness would have put it right where it should have been - it could have been like a Heavy Metal comic strip come to life if the makers pushed it a little further.
                  Feast - 8/10
                  Outlander - 7/10


                  • Sleep Tight - 7/10

                    John Dies at the End - 5/10

                    The Dinosaur Project - 1/10


                    • Originally posted by SeanBrown View Post
                      John Dies at the End - 5/10

                      The Dinosaur Project - 1/10
                      Awww. Really? I was hoping these would be passable...


                      • Originally posted by capecep View Post
                        Awww. Really? I was hoping these would be passable...
                        John Dies at the End is just a bit over passable. It was just a fun watch and nothing more. However, The Dinosaur Project was complete garbage. The CGI looked ridiculous and the acting was laughably bad. The one to check out would be Sleep Tight.


                        • Pocahontas 7/10

                          Airheads 9/10

                          8 Crazy Nights 8/10

                          2015 Horror Draft!

                          1. It Follows


                          • Spawn - 3/10

                            I only give it the 3 because of John Leguizamo. He was the only good and most accurate thing about the movie. I was pissed that Al's death was changed and Chapel wasnt even in the damn movie. I am anxious though or the Mcarlane reboot if it ever happens.


                            • More from the Crypt of Terror-Horror from the South of the Border-Vol. 1...

                              Demon Rat (1992)

                              In the bleak future pollution is causing animals and insects to mutate, including a rat or something. Whatever

                              This is possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The rat monster is cheesy and kind of cool but there's too much focus on a boring love triangle that completely kills the movie. It also doesn't help the movie looks ultra cheap and the acting is shit.

                              I love me some horror trash but I HATE boring horror trash.


                              Grave Robbers (1990)

                              A bunch of dumb ass grave robbin' teens looking for treasure accidently revive a satantist with an axe to grind.

                              After the depressingly bad Demon Rat I really needed to this one and I was so happy to see it delivered. These Mexican film producers really knew how to emulate our slasher films. The badass killer, the gory kills, the dumbass teens, it's all here. Well no nudity but I was having too much fun to care.

                              Some truly nasty kills here including a poor schmuck who gets his guts ripped out from the inside out.

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                              • Memento - Great Flick.