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  • Shutter - 6/10 Had a creepy atmosphere at times but felt like Ju-On most of the time with pictures being used.
    “I know you’re ‘good’ people. I know you mean well… But you just didn’t think it through…. There is only one path to peace… Your extermination.” - Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron)


    • Originally posted by craftychicka View Post
      Frankinweenie - 8/10

      Pretty good for a kids movie, My 6 year old loved it... my 19 month old kept saying 'oh no!" the entire movie. Then we had a lovely discussion about how about when our cat dies this is not an actual possibility. Joy!
      Kids are lucky these days as animated family films are in abundance and they are nearly always great. Going to watch despicable me soon and can't wait to watch frankenweenie.


      • Vile 5/10 for what it's worth on a small budget they did an ok job but it was pretty much a waste of time.


        • Vacation of Terror (1989) - 7/10
          Vacation of Terror 2 (1991) - 7/10
          King Kong (1933) - 10/10
          Forgive me father, for I don't give a fuck.


          • As Good As It Gets 10/10

            One of those classics with so many one liners it's ridculous!.


            • Die Hard 5
              Father visits Russia to get together with his estranged son, but all hell breaks lose when a political prisoner is freed from the courtroom.
              The bad reviews are true, this new entry in this franchise is a total turd. No magic Die Hard aura present, no memorable one-liners, just bloodless and lifeless presence by McClane and his seemingly retarded son. Like his son in the film, Willis seemed so damn estranged and absent, he wasn't 100% McClane there. And thus, the whole movie with him.
              Plus, no real and intimidating villain from the likes of its three (or four) predecessors, which added hugely to the disapointment.
              And the plotholes...don't get me started with this shit. What the hell were they thinking, especially at the showdown within the wrecked and radiated Cernobyl area?! This was the end of the line for me there.
              0/10 for the absence of the original Die Hard touch, 4/10 for the (really awesome) car chase scene within Moscow. That shit was really insane.

              In the end a bad 4/10. Fuck that shit.
              "I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
              Scott Vogel from Terror


              • Elvira Mistress Of The Dark 8/10 always a few more laughs to be had when you watch this classic.


                • Sorority Boys (2002)-8/10


                  • In Hell (2003)


                    • Wings of Desire - 10/10


                      • Ted - I believe this is the 3rd viewing still a solid 7 but not all that memorable.


                        • Seen these over the last few days...

                          Enemy Mine (1985) 8.5/10

                          Real Genius (1985) 10/10

                          Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) 8/10

                          Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) 10/10

                          Star Trek: Generations (1994) 9/10

                          Star Trek: First Contact (1996) 9/10

                          Big Bad Wolf (2006) 6/10

                          MacGruber (2010) 8/10 I think this movie is funny as hell, I don't care what hate it gets.

                          The Hole (2009) 7/10 a little better than I was expecting but still not great

                          Independence Day (1996) 7/10 Used to love this film alot but it doesn't hold up well over the years

                          Death Proof (2007) 9/10

                          River's Edge (1986) 9/10

                          MST3k - The Bat People 9/10
                          MST3k - Horrors of Spider Island 10/10
                          MST3k - Squirm (1976) 10/10
                          MST3k - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1985) 8/10
                          MST3k - Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (1996) 8/10
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                          • Dead Man on Campus (199-9/10
                            Zapped Again (1990)-7/10
                            Thunderbolt (1995)-8/10


                            • American Mary
                              A female surgeon student gets into shady circles after looking for a job in a night club and ends up doing nipping and tucking, including some really fucked up and of course highly illegal fetish jobs.
                              The basic idea was great, executing underground surgeries on people with really fucked up ideas in order to "embellish" their bodies. But the execution was gay, plot-holed, illogical and filled with horrid acting - which is always the most awful aspect within a questionable movie. You don't feel sympathy for any person in this, especially not Mary. In the end I wished her the worst.
                              The overall outcome is just shitty. Don't let unexperienced female directors take over the directors seat.


                              Originally posted by The Revelator View Post
                              Wings of Desire - 10/10
                              Beautiful movie.
                              "I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
                              Scott Vogel from Terror


                              • Originally posted by travisbickle View Post
                                Blood Creek 5.5/10
                                I thought this was one of the more orginal horror films of 2009/2010.
                                I need to cop a DVD or BR