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  • The Last Stand (2013) - 8.5/10

    Better than expected, and really, really much fun!


    • Is-slottet (1987) ~ 8 / 10


      • The Cave 2005 - It has such a bland set-up and it gets going way too far in. The creatures from Tatopoulos seem like reject designs from Pitch Black. Meh.

        The Nest 1988 - Goofy, gory, great!

        Skyfall - The fuck? Did anyone else pick up the fact that the whole film has an underlying theme of poor marksmanship. Eve misses - hits Bond. Bond can't shoot because of his arm. M states later on something about never being a good shot. Well then, everyone just sucks at shooting then, and to top it off [SPOILER]Bond fails?![/SPOILER]Entertaining movie, gorgeously shot, but it vexes me so. 7/10

        No Country for Old Men - 9/10

        Session 9 - Awesome movie but Caruso's Phil can't roll a joint worth a damn. 9/10


        • Terminator: Salvation - Finally saw this after never having any interest really. It was pretty cool. Loved the big chase scene with it's nods to Mad Max. The story was alright. Better than 3 maybe. Not so sure about the kid who really could use some relaxer. 7/10


          • Seedpeople - 1992


            • Come Out And Play 4/10


              • Future Kill (1985)

                I honestly couldn't finish this one. It was like a mix mash of an 80's frat comedy and a post apoc Road Warriors rip off.

                But why did it have to be so damn boring? This one had the potential to be a cheese classic but the only thing going for it is the HR Giger poster art and the fact it has two actors from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

                Good news is I got it for $12 at FYE and the disc is OOP so I'll be able to get rid of it.


                • The Machinist: 4/5

                  Oz Great And Powerful: 3/5 (bordering on a 3.5)

                  American Gangster: 3.5/5


                  • Black Water 7/10


                    • 21 Jump Street 9/10

                      Funny every time I see it...


                      • X Men: First Class - 4/5


                        • The Strangers (Unrated) 8/10


                          • Perversion Story (1969)

                            Although it has some disjointed bits throughout, the movie gets better and better as it gets going and the final 30 minutes are a real nail biter. Great ending as well.

                            Tag to that some gorgeous cinematography and a great jazzy music score.

                            Another win from Fulci.



                            • Un lac (2008 ) ~ 7 /10



                              • Trick 'r Treat
                                Jeepers Creepers
                                Friday the 13th (2009)

                                Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - 8/10

                                Sure, the comedic factor is bumped up substantially, but it's still a damn fine piece of work, & it's always fun seeing Jim Siedow & Bill Moseley act completely batshit insane. Not to mention the movie also has Dennis Hopper & Caroline Williams.

                                "One of them boys so wild he sawed his own head off goin' 90 miles per hour."

                                How could you not love it?

                                Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 - 6.8/10

                                This has grown on me a lot, & I actually enjoy it quite a bit. Definitely not the worst of the franchise, but still had potential to be better.