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  • Rammbock: Berlin Undead (2010)

    This is so know siege of the dead (2010) is low budget infected movie from Germany.

    I did not expect much from this movie at all but turn out to be surprising good.

    Michael as come to see his girlfriend in Berlin but then he finds out that people have infected by this unknown virus. This is only 59 minutes long, just under an hour, this movie was really fast paced and some really good decent tense moment in this movie as well.

    The infected were really welled acted and liked the whole foaming thing from mouth and this movie wasn't really gory at all, the bite moment that looked nasty but nothing liked head being torn at all of shot in head.

    I really liked the idea of flashes from the camera that was nice turn for the infected movies and there was surprising moment in this movie that I didn't see coming at all,

    I really liked that scene. Great acting from the whole but I not sure what of stranger infected hugging Scenes,

    I am giving this movie 8 out of 10

    Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

    This as to be one of the best zombies movies I have seen in long time, ones of the funniest zombies movie I ever seen.

    I really liked how the movie showed how the whole thing started as most of times movies don't normal show you as it started .

    I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much in horror movie, I thought this movie was absolutely Hilarious from start to end of the movie,

    there were great really funny jokes in this movie that worked really well and don't fall flat at all.

    There were very decent gory moments in this movie that some of the gory will be over the top to make look really funny at the same times.

    I thought acting was really good from most of the cast, there were some over the top acting scenes of from some people in the movie but that down side of the movie to me.

    I loved this movie!

    I am giving this movie 9 out of 10

    DeadHeads (2011)

    This was nice twist on zombie movies, Which I don't think it's be done before but I found the first half the movie very funny at times.

    As the movies goes on, I didn't really find some of the jokes that funny at all, I got really bored in the middle of the movie.

    I didn't really thing the movie was that gory at all for a zombie movie, there maybe body Parts being pulled there some strange moment were zombie guts were used as a rope

    The acting was really good from the whole

    6 out of 10

    "Jigoku K˘shien" /Battlefield Baseball (2003)

    I don't what to make of this movie, it as got to be one of the most strangest, weediest horror comedy movie I have ever seen.

    The plot to this Battlefield Baseball is a tough game--it doesn't end until all the members on the opposing team are dead. In this game the Gedo High team is composed of blue-faced zombies, and their opponents on the Seido High team know they don't have a chance at beating them

    This movie like no other zombies, I have seen, the first part of the movie is with about the headmaster who is coaching baseball team, They going face the same Zombie team who killed his players in the last time,

    which we see before the titles.
    We do get see one gory death on scenes but all we see is the aftermath of the dead body parts torn off all over the place, he hated the fact it's same team again.

    He one of funniest people in the movie, he had me laughing a number of times

    also a New kids as come to the school who seem to be really good at baseball but he stopped playing and then he explains though song , yes a song!, how his dad died, in a very funny song!

    As this movies goes on, it's gets weird and wearied and never stops at all until very last scene of the movie.

    There some really funny moment in this movie, that I could not stop laughing and great jokes as well, worked really well. and I loved the ending of the movie, thought really classic ending and very funny!

    The most bizarre, Horror, Comedy and I never seen anything liked this before!
    I give this 9 out of 10


    • Originally posted by Yggdrasil View Post
      Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) - 9.5/10


      • Originally posted by Rusted View Post
        Star Trek Into Darkness - 5/5

        Went and saw this today and loved every second of it.

        This is exactly how a sequel should be. It doesn't replicate the original but goes into a darker, more daring direction and surpasses it's first installment.

        It's impossible to talk about even the most minor of plot points without spoilers so I won't reveal anything here, but the plot is a good one and is tight and focused.

        The original cast return and everybody gets enough screen time, but once again Zachary Quinto proves that his casting of Spock is bang on. The interaction between him and Chris Pines Kirk is excellent, but this film truly belongs to Benedict Cumberbach. Not since Heath Ledgers Joker has a screen villain been so captivating. His John Harrison is cold and calculating and he just elevates every scene he's in. Every time he opens his mouth, the way he delivers his lines send chills. He really is the star of this show.

        The film hits the ground running and doesn't let up. Seeing as all of the characters were introduced in the first film this one launches straight into the action and propels from set piece to set piece and the running time just flies by. The effects are great and for once the 3D actually serves its purpose.

        I'm sure hard core trekkies could moan about something but for me this film is science fiction action blockbuster entertainment at its finest.
        Sweet, can't wait to see it!

        Originally posted by Rusted View Post
        Evil Dead (remake) 4/5

        Originally posted by DeathbyIggy View Post
        A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge - 8.5/10
        Originally posted by Frey
        Tucker and Dale vs Evil

        This was a lot funnier and better than I thought it would be. There were some pretty nice gore and I thought the story was pretty well thought out.

        A Maestro of Horror. A genre Master. And a legend of the Sliver Screen. Wes Craven 1939 ~ 2015


        • Rabies - Definitely a different kind of film, and it's nice to see that the title was used metaphorically and not because it was a generic 'infected' horror film or anything. Unfortunately, the story just didn't have enough depth to make it better. - 5/10

          Iron Man 3 - Awesome, entertaining film. My only issue was that after a fairly serious first half it degraded to a nonsensical spectacle for the sake of 3D several times in the second half. I saw it in 2D and there was absolutely no reason to even offer this one in 3D. On the upside, the after-the-credits extra scene was much better than The Avengers. - 9/10

          2015 Horror Draft
          In the Mouth of Madness
          Cast a Deadly Spell
          The Call of Cthulhu
          Call Girl of Cthulhu
          The Dunwich Horror
          The Resurrected (Shatterbrain)
          Dreams in the Witch-House
          Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
          The Haunted Palace


          • The Unseeable - 5/5 Very good Thai ghost story. The music was incredible and really added to haunting sadness of the story.

            The Asphyx - 3/5
            Night of the Scorpion - 3/5
            Color Me Blood Red - 2/5 Pretty boring.
            "Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places."
            H.P. Lovecraft


            • Wreck-It Ralph

              I thought it was going to be good, but I was completely and utterly blown away. What an awesome little flick! Loved the fuck out of it, everyone needs to see this!

              I'm so picking up the BluRay!!! 10/10
              A Maestro of Horror. A genre Master. And a legend of the Sliver Screen. Wes Craven 1939 ~ 2015


              • Moon - 7/10
                Alien - 10/10
                Iron Man 3 - 8.5/10


                • Originally posted by oxley View Post
                  Wreck-It Ralph

                  I thought it was going to be good, but I was completely and utterly blown away. What an awesome little flick! Loved the fuck out of it, everyone needs to see this!

                  I'm so picking up the BluRay!!! 10/10
                  Originally posted by Se7en Sins View Post
                  Moon - 7/10
                  Alien - 10/10
                  Iron Man 3 - 8.5/10
                  61 Hookers and Counting....


                  • Originally posted by oxley View Post
                    Wreck-It Ralph

                    I thought it was going to be good, but I was completely and utterly blown away. What an awesome little flick! Loved the fuck out of it, everyone needs to see this!

                    I'm so picking up the BluRay!!! 10/10


                    • Pieta (2012) ~ 8 / 10


                      • Weekend at Bernie's....8/10
                        61 Hookers and Counting....


                        • The Grapes of Death - 9/10

                          School of the Holy Beast - 8/10


                          • Originally posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
                            I have absolutely no idea how this film has gone under my radar my whole life, really weird as I love Craven and its got David Hess .... Gonna put this high on my rental list.
                            Check it out soon. Swamp Thing is awesome and fun.

                            Originally posted by kevinb View Post
                            I have the UK version which includes the T&A
                            Ya the MGM MovieTime 2000 vhs release is the uncut version. Running at 1hr 33min.

                            Originally posted by Yggdrasil View Post
                            I love that film.
                            Yes..Apt Pupil is awesome. If u havnt seen Ian McKellen in Gods And Monsters and Neverwas...check them out.


                            • "Terror Train"...This 1979 slasher is a good entry into the horror genre. As slasher films go, Terror Train really has a lot going for it. The claustrophobic setting is an ideal place for suspense and it works! The direction is compact and nicely done, making great use of the rather creepy-looking masks that the killer wears. This film also boasts one of the best climactic chase scenes full of suspenseful shocks.The cast is also in good form. Jamie Lee Curtis is good as her likable heroine self. However, I think she was way better in Halloween and The Fog. The handsome Hart Bochner(Doc) does well as the two-faced frat leader, besides some annoying crying/hysterics. Ben Johnson as "Carne" is a welcomed addition as the train conductor and he is terrific. Even David Copperfield manages to be a little menacing in his role as a mysterious magician. Last but not least, Derek MacKinnon(Kenny) is wonderful as the killer. As for gripes, well, the ending could have been a little more climactic and it should have been Curtis' character to kill off her attacker. I also think there were too many off-screen kills and after effects of the victims. But all together the film does well, making for a good slasher-thriller with a few tricks up its sleeves.



                              • Errors of the Human Body (2012) ~ 6 / 10