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  • Originally posted by travisbickle View Post
    River's Edge 9/10

    One of the all time underrated greats from the 80's.

    "Cat's have claws!"
    rivers edge is a great movie, its a true story too. that happened here in the bay area, down in the south bay.


    • Takers - 9/10

      The Losers - 8/10

      An American Ghost Story - 0/10~~~~F'ing pathetic.

      Insidious - 9/10

      Dead Silence - 8.5/10


      • Originally posted by The Revelator View Post

        I'm excited for Interstellar. Christopher Nolan's next film starring McConaughey. Going to be epic.
        Yeah, that sounds fantastic. Another sci-fi from Nolan has goodness written all over it. Especially with that cast.

        Originally posted by Renacimiento View Post
        New World (2013) 8 / 10

        Originally posted by Santa View Post
        I will see this in a few weeks as part of a film festival. Also You're Next.
        One of my favorites of the year, easy.

        The Man From Nowhere - 9/10

        Haven't seen it in a while. Keep revisiting all my favorite Korean films, and this is most certainly on the list.


        • The Evil Dead (1981) - 8.5/10
          Evil Dead (2013) - 6/10


          • Originally posted by DeadBeatNubbins View Post
            The Evil Dead (1981) - 8.5/10
            Evil Dead (2013) - 6/10

            The Yellow Sea - 8/10


            • Originally posted by DeadBeatNubbins View Post
              The Evil Dead (1981) - 8.5/10
              Evil Dead (2013) - 6/10


              • Hi there other forum dwellers, I am just starting here and would like to introduce myself. My username here is CrystalLakeKiller824, as you can probably tell, I love Friday the 13th and a lot of other horror movies. Now in response to the thread, I saw Freddy vs Jason, Friday the 13th Part 2 and Godzilla and Mothra Battle for the Earth.


                • Pain & Gain - 8/10


                  • Originally posted by CrystalLakeKiller824 View Post
                    Hi there other forum dwellers, I am just starting here and would like to introduce myself.
                    There is a whole section of the board that is reserved for new member introductions. The kindly welcome wagon usually rolls around there, and it's the best way of making an entrance.

                    A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989) - 6/10

                    What really could have turned out bad, was saved by great effects and Robert Englund's stellar performance. There were also some great segments, with the comic book segment being a highlight of the film for me. As added fun, watch this movie then look up pictures of Whit Hertford now.


                    • bait(2012) 7.5/10

                      definitely not as bad as i though it was gonna be or heard it was. this was a really entertaining movie. even though the shark was mostly cgi it still looked good.


                      • Kissed (1996) - 9 /10

                        A film about necrophilia, but with a poetic and lyrical aura, as embedded in a dreamy atmosphere that gives the film a great beauty.

                        A small excerpt that I did of this great movie:



                        • Kick Ass 2 (2013) - 3.5/10

                          It SUCKED!

                          Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.


                          • Die Another Day (2002)-8/10


                            • Seen these over the last few days...

                              Cannibal Campout (1988 ) 6/10

                              A trio of cannibal psychopaths attack campers in the New Jersey wilderness. Ultra low budget, shot on video gorefest but I like these kind of films.

                              Shadow People (2013) 8/10

                              A radio talk show host has a real conspiracy theory dumped on his doorstep when one of his callers tells him about 'shadow people', nightmare creatures that come for you when you sleep. Supposedly based on a true story with 'real life footage' shown throughout the film.

                              In Hot Blood (1968 ) 5/10

                              The first 50+ minutes of this film is just average looking women rolling around nude, no exaggeration! The last ten minutes is two (yes they are naked too) being terrorized by a drug crazed woman with a meat clever.

                              The Giant Behemoth (1959) 7/10

                              A giant sea-monster is created from exposure to radiation and it goes on a rampage in the waters off England. Hammy acting and dialog but entertaining.

                              Amadeus (1984) 9/10

                              Spectres of the Spectrum (1999) 6/10

                              Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) 8/10 much better than I expected it to be

                              42 (2013) 7/10

                              Step Brothers (2008 ) 8/10

                              Fletch (1985) 10/10

                              Fletch Lives (1989) 8/10

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                              • Originally posted by Mr. Bill View Post
                                Amadeus (1984)
                                Tom Hulce's laugh makes me laugh.