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  • Originally posted by Klownz View Post
    Tom Hulce's laugh makes me laugh.
    At first it made me laugh too but by the end of the film I wanted to smack him, lol


    • Originally posted by Klownz View Post
      Tom Hulce's laugh makes me laugh.

      Hulce delivers just one hell of a stellar and unforgettable performance. Saw this in theatre when it came out, boy, I love this movie.
      "I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
      Scott Vogel from Terror


      • Originally posted by Santa View Post

        Hulce delivers just one hell of a stellar and unforgettable performance. Saw this in theatre when it came out, boy, I love this movie.

        Elizabeth Berridge is hot.


        • Lessons Of The Evil
          A highly popular teacher at a school is the first contact point for all problems, which occur within the walls of the school. Whether it's cheating, bullying or other issues, he solves them all with ease. But gradually strange things start to happen, all of the sudden people and pupils die under strange circumstances. It is clear that one member of the school is the one to search for, but once the coverage is uncovered, it is already too late. With horrifying consequences for many of the pupils.
          Miike strikes again and oh boy, with a godamn vengeance. The merciless and hellish ending is the most stomach-churning, controversial and hard to sit through parts within a movie I have experienced as of late - absolutely no kidding and no godamn shit about that. Once the totally nihilistic killing spree sets in and keeps on doing so, my jaw just dropped further and further south, 'til it reached the fucking ground. The compassionless and Łber-brutal rampage of the everybodie's darling teacher is one of the bloodiest in recent memory, rest assured, you won't forget that easily.
          So for the rest of the movie, which is well-shot and well-paced as well. As far as I can remember, this is one of Miike's most straightforward movies, in which he also develops the main character well and comprehensibly. There are also some really fucked up Miike moments in it, for instance the talking shotgun, which reminded me a lot of a scene from Naked Lunch. Brilliant idea and great SFX here.
          I can wholeheartedly recommend it, the two hours just fly by, especially at the seemingly neverending and unforgettable end.
          But remember, I have warned you. It stays with you long afterwards.


          Originally posted by Klownz View Post

          Elizabeth Berridge is hot.
          True dat.
          "I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
          Scott Vogel from Terror


          • Originally posted by The Geek View Post
            Thunderball (1965)-8/10
            Octopussy (1983)-9/10
            Dr.No (1962)-8/10
            Originally posted by Se7en Sins View Post
            Robocop - 8/10[/B]
            Originally posted by Deadly Fiend View Post
            Alien - 10/10
            Originally posted by Mayday View Post
            Kick-Ass - 10/10
            Originally posted by The Geek View Post
            The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)-7/10
            Originally posted by Deadly Fiend View Post
            Ghostbusters II - 9/10
            Originally posted by HorrorMovieFan View Post
            "Carrie (1976)"....My #1 fave movie. The acting, storyline/screenplay, and direction are all superb!! Sissy Spacek(Best Actress nominee) is absolutely heartbreaking and outstanding in her portrayal of "Carrie". Piper Laurie(Supporting Actress nominee) is mesmerizing as "Margaret White". Beautifully done performances by these two wonderful women. Thank heavens both received Oscar nominations. Amy Irving was top notch as well. Her last scene was her shining moment and the big jolt in the movie. The split screen during the prom frenzy is awesome and adds wonderfully to the movie. Don't know why Depalma said he wished he did that differently. Nancy Allan, John Travolta, and Betty Buckley are great supporting players. William Katt as leading man "Tommy" was terrific too. I get a kick out of that hair of his. LOL!! There are soooo many great moments in this 70's classic. It's an outstanding, dramatic, heartbreaking, and thrilling movie. A major classic in cinema and one of the Top 3 best dramatic thrillers ever. Love it!!

            Originally posted by DeadBeatNubbins View Post
            Commando (1985) - 7/10
            Originally posted by DeadBeatNubbins View Post
            [B]The Evil Dead (1981) - 8.5/10

            WARNING!!! The Following Reviews May Contain Spoilers. Read At Your Own Risk!

            Guinea Pig 1: Devil's Experiment (1985, first viewing, 0/10)

            This flick has absolutely nothing going for it. The punches and kicks that started out the girl's torture were obviously being pulled, the sound she was forced to listen to was way more appealing than her screams, some of the tortures (like throwing entrails at her and spinning her in the chair) were lame and for someone's who supposedly being beaten and tortured she looks remarkably well preserved all the way to the end of the movie. A complete and utter snoozefest.

            Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985, first viewing, 5/10)

            Now this is more like it , wonderful over-the-top gore even if it didn't make sense (the victim would have bled out from getting her hands cut off long before the killer got around to the later body parts). There's no plot to speak of here nor is there a real explanation for the killers actions (my reason for not giving this a higher rating) but damn, once the blood started to flow I was hooked. A good flick for when you just want to see gore and could give two shits about something as trivial as a plot .

            Guinea Pig 3: Shudder! The Man Who Doesn't Die (1986, first viewing, 5/10)

            WTF . I'd really like to know what the creative team behind this was smoking when they came up with it. Seriously, throwing your guts at a guy to get revenge , that's gotta be one the stupidest things I've encountered in a flick but amazingly it works. Unlike the first two shorts in the series this one takes a lighter tone and at least tries to present a plot. A decent addition to the series.

            Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in a Manhole (1988, first viewing, 7.5/10)

            I had to watch this via YouTube because I couldn't find it at any of my local haunts but I'm damn glad I did because IMHO it's the best of the 'Guinea Pig' series. The gore here is more of the gross out variety than the shock variety but it's well done. Solid performances from the male lead and the mermaid (yea, I know, it's mostly just her writhing around in the bathtub but it was effective) while the nosy neighbor lady was beyond annoying and her husband was bland. I'd say this one is a must see for any fan of gore/extreme horror flicks.

            Guinea Pig 5: Android of Notre Dame (1989, first viewing, 6/10)

            Wanna know what this flick is about? Well, just imagine Igor (with anger management issues) rather than Dr. Frankenstein creating the creature, add some steampunk tropes, a big time 'Re-Animator' reference and baste the whole thing with some Lovecratian seasonings and you'll have a good feel for the film. A solid little movie .

            Guinea Pig 6: Devil Woman Doctor (1986, first viewing, 2/10)

            Meh, I guess this was supposed to be splatstick but it fails big time because A: the jokes just aren't funny and B: the gore is craptacular and uninspired. The best bit was the zombie and his wife but they even ruined this by having the zombie hang out with the tranny doctor host for the last five minutes or so of the segment. I actually got to thinking this was really nothing more than a melange of all the crap ideas that had been passed on for earlier installments of the series but seeing as how this was the third or fourth one produced (released as the 6th) I had to throw that idea out the window. I don't think it's worth anybodies time unless your a completest or just got a thing for watching boring ass flicks.

            Last Cannibal World (1977, first viewing, 7.5/10)

            I'm a firm believer that 'Cannibal Holocaust' is hands down the best flick in the cannibal sub-genre and that it's been hard for any of the other films in the sub-genre to come anywhere near reaching the bar set by that film, this precursor to that movie is one of the few that comes close. All the elements that make CH the controversial gem it is are present here (so much so that I kinda got the feeling that this was a dry run for Deodato before he made CH), they're just on a lighter scale. The acting here is crappy as hell (as I'd expect with a film where most of the cast doesn't do anything more than grunt and act like primitives) but Me Me Lei's half naked body is a treat for the eyes whenever the flick starts to lag. This was well worth the time i spent watching it.

            Cannibal Holocaust (1980, 9/10)

            Like I said above this is the pinnacle of cannibal films IMO and I seem to like it more and more every time I watch it. Regarding the animal kills: I agree it's fucked up to kill innocent critters for the sake of a film but I think it works for the flick and gives the viewer even more of a reason to despise the flicks antagonists.

            Next up: Cut and Run 1985


            • Street Kings - 8/10


              • The Money Pit 7/10 Classic Tom and Shelly

                Tucker & Dale vs Evil still funny as day one I watched it.

                2015 Horror Draft!

                1. It Follows
                2. Maniac
                3. Excision
                4. The Burning
                5. Slither
                6. Shocker
                7. Child's Play
                8. Misery
                9. The Descent
                10. Darkness Falls
                11. Ginger Snaps
                12. Pumpkinhead


                • Open Your Eyes (1997) 6.5/10

                  Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.


                  • Pain and Gain - 7/10


                    • airbourne (1993) 10/10

                      one of my favorite childhood movies from the early 90's.


                      • Originally posted by Mr. Bill View Post
                        that elevator scene was one of the biggest wtf moments ever in film, at least in my opinion
                        Yes! I agree


                        • Wrong Turn 3 - 1/5
                          Wrong Turn 4 - 2/5

                          Texas Chainsaw 3D - 3.5/5

                          This was surprisingly good. Trey Songz seems to love listening to his own music.
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                          • Originally posted by Sykopath View Post
                            Texas Chainsaw 3D - 3.5/5

                            Mud - 7/10


                            • Originally posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
                              Tucker & Dale vs Evil still funny as day one I watched it.
                              I enjoy it more and more with each viewing.

                              Rope - 6.5/10
                              Spring Breakers - 3/10
                              My Amityville Horror - 7.5/10
                              Ghost Story - 7.5/10
                              Kick-Ass 2 - Missteps in the first half (trying to cram both Kick-Ass 2 and Hit Girl comic mini-series into one movie) were more than made up for in the second half of the film. ChloŽ Grace Moretz and Jim Carrey were outstanding. And Lindy Booth was fucking incredibly hot as Night Bitch. - 9/10

                              2015 Horror Draft
                              In the Mouth of Madness
                              Cast a Deadly Spell
                              The Call of Cthulhu
                              Call Girl of Cthulhu
                              The Dunwich Horror
                              The Resurrected (Shatterbrain)
                              Dreams in the Witch-House
                              Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
                              The Haunted Palace


                              • Curse of the Blue Lights (198-7/10
                                Hatchet III (2013)-9/10
                                Evilspeak (1981)-9/10

                                B-Movie Madness

                                Horror Draft 2015:

                                1. Sledgehammer
                                2. Death O' Lantern
                                3. WolfCop
                                4.The Editor
                                5. Black Roses
                                6. The Final Girls
                                7. Piranha Part Two
                                8. The Vault of Horror
                                9. Zombie A-Hole
                                10. Blood Massacre
                                11. Murder University