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  • Pain & Gain: 3/5
    Evil Dead: 4/5


    • Olympus Has Fallen - Nothing really tops the initial takeover scene and the one plot point that would generate the most drama is removed way too early. Besides these gripes it's not a bad watch if you want a conventional action movie. Wish that they saved money on the star power and put it towards better FX and a finale as spectacular as the first attack, because Eckhart, Butler, and Freeman seem a little wasted here. 7/10


      • The Island (1980) - 7.5/10


        • Originally posted by Mr. Bill View Post
          Sling Blade (1996) 9/10 it had been awhile since I seen this and I forgot how great this film is, Billy Bob's performance is top notch but Dwight Yoakam is so brilliant playing the evil Doyle character that he deserves high mention.
          Great movie, probably one of the first dramas I watched when I was younger. Yoakam played a great asshole in it.
          61 Hookers and Counting....


          • Originally posted by Santa View Post
            I think it was utter garbage, couldn't connect to the story and characters at all. Pass.
            I didn't connect with them either. They were 2 despicable, self centered people when it all came down to it, but they were seemingly made for each other. I think the writer did a great job exploring their personalities

            Can't wait to see this!
            imo, this has been a excellent year for mainstream horror, and this continues the trend. I don't even know where I'd rank this flick, there's been so many great ones.

            Originally posted by Mr. Bill View Post
            Seen these over the last couple days...

            Blade (1998 ) 8/10 I really loathe Wesley Snipes, I've always found him to be a shitty overacting hack but I give him major props for this role, the man was born to play Blade.

            Blade II (2002) 9/10 slightly better than the first film imo, I'd forgotten that Reedus was in this.

            Blade: Trinity (2004) 7/10 definitely the weakest in the trilogy but I still found it very entertaining, I know I'm in the minority in that statement but that's ok.

            Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective - just like to sit down, and watch this every few months. Never get tired of learning new shit, and new theories on where the franchise could be headed.

            Urban Legend - actually decent, from what I remember. decent level of violence, and gore, and is supported by a nice motive, and killer performance from Rebecca Gayheart. Totally unexpected. Loretta Devine has a certain charm to her, as well. Aside from that, it has a healthy amount of horror legend cameos, from Robert Englund, to Danielle Harris, to Brad Douriff, that fit perfectly for this type of Scream clone film. 7/10

            speaking of scream clones, I think I'll watch Valentine, Halloween H2O, and I Know What You Did Last Summer/ I Still Know, next. Not I'll Always Know, that's one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen...


            • Originally posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
              I didn't dislike sightseers but having seen many bad romance/murder rampage movies I was expecting a little more from this, I think it lacked in some areas. Will watch again someday though.

              I was way too tired when I watched A field in England so will re-watch sometime soon. I strongly disagree that films like this and Anti-Christ are pretentious though, they just ask a lot of the viewer which is what films should do. I didn't understand the imagery in Anti-Christ but after I had read up on gender roles and biblical aspects I was far better informed for the re-watch. These kinda films tend to be rewarding long term.

              I do rate Ben Wheatley and think he's one of the more interesting directors around.

              I'm looking forward to You're Next!

              I went into Sightseers really not knowing anything at all about the flick, so I was pleasantly surprised. I don't even remember what made want to check it out, in the first place I agree about Wheatley.

              about the bold. It was just a couple in the woods, going crazy. All that bible shit is exactly what makes it pretentious. I haven't seen one person who actually understood the entirety of the film, without having to wiki, or research elsewhere other than the movie, itself.

              I'm not hating. Actually A Field in England made me want to go back and watch AntiChrist, because I was actually feeling the arthouse aspect of the former, but the bad taste that movie left in my mouth is still lingering, and I dunno if I will lol.

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              • Watched/Rewatched some flicks with a friend:

                Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013)-9/10
                No One Lives (2012)-9/10
                Evil Dead (2013)-9/10
                Texas Chainsaw (2013)-8/10
                Skyfall (2012)-10/10
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                B-Movie Madness

                Horror Draft 2015:

                1. Sledgehammer
                2. Death O' Lantern
                3. WolfCop
                4.The Editor
                5. Black Roses
                6. The Final Girls
                7. Piranha Part Two
                8. The Vault of Horror
                9. Zombie A-Hole
                10. Blood Massacre
                11. Murder University


                • Originally posted by BeRightBack
                  speaking of scream clones, I think I'll watch Valentine, Halloween H2O, and I Know What You Did Last Summer/ I Still Know, next. Not I'll Always Know, that's one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen...
                  I fuckin' love those 90s slashers, mostly because of their emphasis on whodunit plots, ambiance, and beautiful leads. Despite the general consensus, I'd say, as a whole, they're the best, most refined, incarnation of the 'slasher film' we've gotten to date.

                  Other, relatively unknown, films you might want to check out that fit that particular mold:

                  Urban Legend: Final Cut (aka Urban Legend 2) is actually better than the original IMO.
                  Swimming Pool(aka The Pool) - Technically a German production despite the fact that the spoken language is English. Fantastic location(indoor water-park).
                  The Ripper
                  Cry Wolf - Reminiscent of a certain, polarizing, 80s slasher with a bit more edge; love the 'reveal' scene here, great villain.
                  All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
                  The Murder Game - Super low budge but definitely worth a view.




                  • Scary Movie 5: 2.5/5
                    Eating Raoul: 3/5


                    • Now You See Me - 8/10

                      Alyce Kills - 6/10


                      • "Blue Jasmine".....The casting is spot-on, everyone perfectly suited to bring these characters to life. Everything has already been said about Cate Blanchett, and it's all deserved. She is flat-out AMAZING. This role could've easily been over the top, but somehow Blanchett keeps this role grounded and nails every nuance. Her Jasmine is a pill-popping alcoholic and manic-depressive who mumbles to herself and frequently gets stuck in a memory. This may very well be the best role and performance of Blanchett's career so far. I have never seen her act out a character like "Jasmine". The woman(character) was just wrecked and mentally damaged, and Blanchett delivers an outstanding, heartbreaking, and whirlwind of a performance! The supporting cast is also impressive, in particular Sally Hawkins as her sister "Ginger". Woody Allen's dialogue/screenplay is often quite strong, especially in scenes where the ensemble get to interact with one another. His location shots in New York and San Francisco work very well for this story, and his shots of San Francisco in particular are great. This is a highly entertaining comedy/drama that is powered by a brilliant lead performance and a wonderful supporting cast!!

                        9/10 for the movie

                        10/10 for Blanchett's performance


                        • Centurion - 9/10

                          Badass. Absolutely badass.


                          • The Congress
                            An aging actress is desperate to get a few more roles, trying to revive her great career in her early hey days. She is offered a contract, in which she will be fully digitalized with every emotion and motion in her mimic in order to create new movies with her character without her physical presence. She accepts the offer, but with fatal consequences for her later life.
                            This was a quite unique approach on the subject of Hollywoods exploitation of actors or an charge of the industry itself. The film consists of real and animated parts, while the animation reminds one of the early looney tunes-characters - which is often quite hilarious. It was quite difficult to put everything under one roof, since so many countries were involved in this project. It took the direcor over three years to fully edit it to everyones satisfaction. The outcome is visually stunning and is often thought-provoking, mostly in a sad manner.
                            I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to a horror audience, but the visuals and the message are worth the watch.


                            The Battery

                            Two friends are roaming the empty countryside in order to survive and to avoid at any cost contact with zombies, who desolated the land.
                            For a low-budget film like this the outcome was ok, though not totally satisfying in terms of zombie kills or gore. The relationship between the two is more important to the story, generation often hilarious moments, like for instance masturbating to a hot female zombie, who wants to enter the car in which one of the buddies is trapped.
                            All in all a good time-waster, but don't expect a Romero zombiefest.

                            "I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
                            Scott Vogel from Terror


                            • Lately on VHS

                              A River Runs Through It

                              Forget Paris

                              A la Mode

                              Executive Target

                              ^^ Via Amazon Prime


                              • Zombie Hunter
                                A loner is picked up by a bunch of fellow survivors, who try to make a living within a zombie apocalypse. Together they try to figure a way out of the zombie mess, to fly out to be exact.
                                This is the worst (zombie) movie I have seen in a very, very long time. Horrid dialogues, the worst script, worst acting and worst zombie CGI were making this the hardest movie I had to sit through in a theatre. Just avoid it at any cost, even if you are bored.


                                A couple form The Netherlands are on a vacation in Buenos Aires, trying to get over their differences in their marriage. They don't succeed and they decide to go back and separate then. On their way to the airport they witness an execution by an police officer, who takes notice of their presence and their camera, which recorded the crime. A cat and mouse hunt then ensues.
                                Good thriller from The Netherlands, but at the end of the final confrontation again bad and facepalming decisions by the fleeing couple, which appear so often in those kind of films. Nevertheless, a good but not outstanding time waster.

                                "I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
                                Scott Vogel from Terror