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  • Originally posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
    Really? they got more and more horrible as they went along sigh at least Pixar keeps to the realm of fiction.

    Kung Fu Panda isn't bad but Madagascar as far as franchises goes is far down the line.
    Kung Fu Panda was retarded.
    "I want this place to go nuts, north, south, east, west, left, right! Activate this dance floor!!"
    Scott Vogel from Terror


    • Force of Execution, 2013. 5/10


      • Documentary - The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia

        Pretty interesting that shit like this still exists.


        • Christmas Vacation


          • Caught the 3oclock showing of Disney's Frozen.

            Never again will I go opening weekend to a Disney flick WAY too many sick snot nose little brats.

            Frozen 7/10 The movie was good though a little too musically for me but Oloff was funny and it held up nicely.
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            2015 Horror Draft!

            1. It Follows


            • Kick Ass 2.

              I don't really like movies with kids in them , but I really liked this movie. The jokes were more adult then i thought they would be. And people really died in the movie. Just to say that you shouldn't judge a book by the cover.

              Downloading the first movie now.


              Do female Vampires menstruate?


              • Thor: The Dark World (2013)-9/10


                • Taken 2 - 8/10

                  In the Shadow of the Moon - 6/10

                  Cheerleader Camp - 6.5/10

                  Lords of Dogtown - 8/10

                  2015 Horror Draft
                  In the Mouth of Madness


                  • Pacific Rim
                    A Maestro of Horror. A genre Master. And a legend of the Sliver Screen. Wes Craven 1939 ~ 2015


                    • Three Amigos! (1986)-8/10
                      Sydney White (2007)-7/10


                      • Riddick (2013) - 8/10

                        Highly entertaining sequel.
                        Forgive me father, for I don't give a fuck.


                        • American History X - 10/10

                          Ending destroys me every time.

                          Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film. - Heretic


                          • Don Jon (2013) ~ 8 / 10

                            We are facing a curious film, which does not respond to the usual constant current American romantic comedy, also tells us a story: the addiction to pornography and its interference in personal relationships. There is good work direction from Joseph Gordon Levitt, demonstrating his ability in this new role as director.

                            Urotsukidoji (1989) ~ 9 / 10

                            I do not know too much about anime, but this film is a tremendous medley of terror, extreme violence and depraved pornography. Amazing!

                            Some reviews from Imdb: " This is a masterpiece of sick and twisted fantasy, filled with an obscene amount of sex and violence" " It's a classic piece of Japanese animation. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended....or those of a nervous disposition."


                            • Alien 3

                              I haven't seen this one in years except for bits and pieces here and there. I wrote it off as a failure back (way back) when I saw it during its initial run. I guess I was expecting a general redux of the first two films. Seeing it now, I have a better appreciation for its utterly bleak and nihilistic tone as well as a greater appreciation for its quirky pacing. It's really a wonderful film with outstanding performances by Weaver and Dutton.


                              • Who Are You?, 2010. 7/10.

                                A Bell From Hell, 1973. 7/10