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  • Psycho (1960) and Dead Silence.


    • The Passion of the Christ -- 4/5


      • Young Frankenstein ~ 10/10. Remains probably my favorite comedy of all time.

        Rush ~ 8/10. Finally got around to seeing this one. Given that the subject matter is something that doesn't interest me much, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it! It really was downright gripping at times.

        The Crucible ~ 9/10. Growing up in the New England area, I took an interest in the history surrounding Salem and the witch trials about as early as my fascination with horror movies started. A great film with some terrific performances, though none greater than Joan Allen's.


        • Nymphomaniac Vol 1 - 4.5/5

          Loved it. Even though there's plenty of sex and confronting scenes none of it is sexy but ugly, and in a strange kind of way this feels like a more subdued film for Von Trier. The performances are excellent, especially the girl who plays young Joe and I love the use of the fly fishing and musical metaphors. Von Trier makes challenging and unique films and this is another winner for him. Will be watching Part 2 tomorrow.


          • Mud -- 3/5


            • Creepshow

              I'm not really sure how to rate it as a whole, so I'll do each segment.

              Part 1 was the weakest.. And really doesn't have a lot going for it. Silly story really. The only decent thing there was the creature effects, which were great. Otherwise it was pretty much just cruddy. 1/5

              Part 2 was a nice little quirky piece, with some pretty cool set effects, and pieces. More of a bizzare off-beat comical piece than horror though. It was entertaining but not really 'good'. 2.5/5

              Part 3 was good, and had a great little cast. Was great seeing those actors do something a little more serious in tone. I really enjoyed it. Again, the creature effects were damn solid. And it had a nice little feel to it, of madness. The use of lighting in it was great too! Really liked it. 4/5

              Part 4 this was probably my favourite. Killer creature effects, some grounded characters, and a nice little story that reminded me somewhat of 'The Horror Express'. If the film used this as the finale act it would of went out on a nice high note. 5/5

              Part 5 I also liked, a bit shy of the previous instalment but it was still a step up from the first two parts. Not to mention it had a great final! 3.5/5

              And I loved the little conclusion, cameo by Savini which is always cool. So, overall I rather enjoyed it. With only one really weak segment out of 5 I'd say it more than passes! It also was the last film from Wonderlust to watch.. Thank you so, so much!
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              • Cast Away (2000) 10/10


                • Originally posted by oxley View Post
                  Creepshow is one of my all time favorite films. In fact my ring tone is the music from "Something To Tide You Over" LOL


                  • Originally posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
                    Rush 8.5/10 Solid film 3rd viewing and still has high rewatch value.
                    Agreed. It's a great movie. If you get a chance, check out some of the old races between Niki and James. The rivalry they had was crazy. And the friendship they molded from it was awesome. Fantastic story.

                    12 Years A Slave was a good movie. But after watching Rush and The Wolf Of Wall Street, it doesn't come close. Rush and Wolf are movies that will have massive replay value. 12 Years is a movie to watch once and shelve. Big difference.


                    • Originally posted by Mayday View Post
                      Night of the Comet - One of my all time 80s faves. - 9/10
                      Originally posted by Stitch_101 View Post
                      Young Frankenstein ~ 10/10. Remains probably my favorite comedy of all time.

                      John Carpenter's Vampires [1998] - 7/10

                      Been quite some time since I've watched this movie, and while not as good as I remembered it being was still great fun to watch after all this time. James Woods is always fun to watch. I just wish someone besides Daniel Baldwin had survived the onslaught by Valek, cause he's just not a good actor and made the movie worse.
                      Also, I never realized that the female vampire/traveling companion was Sheryl Lee (aka Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks). That tripped me out while watching it. While watching I knew I recognized her from somewhere and had to pause the movie to find out.

                      Oldboy [2013] -8/10

                      I tried to watch the new Oldboy as if it was an original movie and not a remake. I just let go and tried to enjoy it for what it was and I think I was better off having done so. It's not a bad movie when you get right down to it. Good performances mostly, especially from Sharlto Copley, who is surely becoming one of my favorite actors. But they should've gotten someone else to play the daughter, someone less forgettable. Seriously, I just watched this last night and I can't even remember her face.
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                      • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


                        • the Wolverine - 6.5/10


                          • Phantasm - 7/10
                            Hellraiser - 10/10
                            Halloween '07 - 7/10
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                            • A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child - 7/10


                              • Originally posted by Timvp View Post
                                Phantasm - 7/10
                                Hellraiser - 10/10
                                Halloween '07 - 7/10
                                Phantasm and Rob Zombie's abortion are not equal...