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  • Originally posted by The Geek View Post
    Ghosthouse (198-8/10

    One of my favorite Italian slices of cheese (drafted it sometime back).
    Totally, agree there. Right up with Nightmare City as my favorite of Lenzi's works actually.

    Originally posted by Oxley View Post
    Phantasm III: The Lord of the Dead

    Not as cheesy as I remember, but there is still a lot of 80's flare throughout, which does change the films atmosphere a fair bit. It's still a very solid film though, I actually enjoyed it more than I ever have this watch, I'd still place it the least great of the 4, but, they are all extremely good films in my opinion, this being the worst, I'd still give it a solid..

    I want to give it an 8, but feel I shouldn't due to lack of Nightmareish atmosphere.
    I'm a high rater anyway, but I'd go with the 8. The finale in the morgue is good enough to do that for me.

    Originally posted by The Revelator View Post
    Antropophagus - 7/10

    Slow start picks up and actually tells a really interesting story... some amazing gory scenes and creepy villain.
    And they say D'Amato can't make a film unless 90% of the female cast is bare-ass naked. One of my all-time favorites there, at least in my top 20 Italian horrors of all time.

    Bled-After coming into contact with a rare herb, an artist's continued usage of the plant causes her friends to try to stop her from unleashing a horrific vampire demon from a separate dimension before it's too late.

    This turned out to be quite an exciting and enjoyable effort. One of the biggest things about this is the fact that it overcomes an incredibly rocky start for a rather enjoyable outing, as the beginning of this one is incredibly rough-going. It's a seemingly endless series of pretentious blathering from the art-crowd about how their work is so advanced and above what people are comfortable with that they've managed to create, it really takes a while to get comfortable with what's going on with them. They're not that enjoyable to where it really shows off some incredibly entertaining pieces to get this one going, it stays back and lets these pretentious-sound morons continually blather on so that it finally manages to seem all the better by comparison once the film gets going.

    Indeed, as once the film gets going this is certainly rather fun with an endless series of hypnotic, erotic dream-like sequences while under the influence of the drug which creates a deep, haunting atmosphere which is quite fascinating and entertaining, not to mention chilling once it's found out that the dream-world is the property of the vampire demon. That switch is not handled in the best way possible, making it pretty confusing through the on-screen actions that's what happened, which in turn leads to the finale loosing some steam because it has to piece together a reasonable-enough conclusion but the action that happens is quite entertaining as the horrific creature being loosened among the friends is where it really scores quite well with some fantastic kills and bloody kills. The creature looks great as well and perfectly fits into the nightmarish world quite well, making for a pretty seemless transition between the two.

    It's a little flawed, sure, but again the areas where it works are quite a lot of fun and really generate a lot to get this one going.

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    • The Turin Horse

      Bela Tarr was a filmmaker I had never heard of until I read a wonderful article in a blog called I noticed that the person who wrote this blog had a very similar interest in films to me, and so when I heard him rave about The Turin Horse and how Bela Tarr was one of his favourite ever directors, I just had to seek it out!

      Now, I had heard some peculiar things about this film that did put me off slightly. I heard that it was two and a half hours in length and only had 30 shots. Donít get me wrong, I love a long take as much as the next fat person, but 30 in 150 minutes sounded excessive and potentially tedious. I also heard that the film had no plot at all and just followed an old man and his daughter going about their day-to-day business, which put me off. However, The Turin Horse had such rave reviews from everyone who had seen it. The imagery did look beautiful, and I was really looking forward to experiencing something unique and new. Unfortunately my fears were pretty much met.

      Iíve seen some crushingly boring films in my time. The highlights of boredom (or lowlights) for me would have to be the Austrian snooze-fest, Import/Export which I watched because it appeared on Film 4ís extreme season, where they showed pretty hardcore stuff. I had never heard of it and decided to give it a go and was met with the dullest thing I had ever seen. This was the most boring film I had seen, until I set my bleeding eyes on the Hungarian art-house drama, Uzak. A film which basically followed two of the most boring characters on the planet watching TV and wondering around the house and street aimlessly. It was the first film I had actually hit fast-forward on.

      Whilst, The Turin Horse isnít quite as inexplicably boring as these two films, it is still probably one of the most boring films Iíve seen. Like Uzak, itís Hungarian, and if Iíve learnt anything from Hungarian films itís that Hungary must be the most lifeless place on Earth. The Turin Horse actually manages to outdo Uzak in terms of boring characters, and gives us THE two most boring characters on the planet. A grunting father and daughter who live in the middle of nowhere and only speak when they have something to grumble about. If these two met up for coffee with the two brothers from Uzak, I could only imagine the stimulating, jovial conversation that would flow between them!

      The Turin Horse is hardcore arthouse. Iím into arthouse films when they offer some sort of story of experience. I just canít get my head around films where literally nothing happens. Some people find art in watching the mundane activities of life, but Iím afraid that it just does not interest me. For me, The Turin Horse was basically the same short film being repeated six times, as it takes place over six very long days. It goes like this: They get up, the daughter dresses her father because heís far too boring to dress himself, she goes out to the well and fills up some buckets, brings them in. Then they have a muck about with the most tragically lifeless horse youíve ever seen (I think boredom catches), and then they eat a potato and go to bed. Repeat. I didnít find anything ďmesmerisingĒ or ďgrippingĒ in these activities, as many reviewers have stated.

      Whatever you do, donít believe the DVDís blurb! The blurb actually makes it sound like a really interesting apocalyptic thriller. It says that the film has left audiences ďgasping for breathĒ which was obviously just mistaken for audiences being rudely woken up when the film had finally finished. Apparently there are ďa bizarre series of disturbing eventsĒ unless this counts the arrival of some gypsies who get shooed away by the father, because they obviously brought far too much life to the film. The ďterrifying, all-consuming finaleĒ may be all-consuming but itís not that terrifying. A better blurb would say, ďImagine a film which captures the boring, daily routine of your own life and amplify it by ten thousand.Ē

      However, The Turin Horse isnít all bad. Yes it has nothing going for it in terms of plot or characters (something I consider as the most important aspect of a film, especially one at 150 minutes long), but thereís no denying how outstandingly beautiful the film looks. It looked so promising when it opened and I was hoping that all my fears would be dashed! It opens with a five minute take of the Turin horse pulling a wagon with the father on, but thanks to the beautifully fluid camerawork itís anything but boring! The way the camera floated around the fog reminded me a bit of Gaspar Noeís visual spectacle, Enter the Void, a film I consider to be the absolute best on a visual level. On top of that there was a wonderful haunting score featuring very melancholic violins and an organ, a score that would drop in and out of the film regularly, and a score which I liked greatly.

      The imagery and music are the only redeeming features. Sometimes the film looked like a moody painting, painted in ink. Thereís no denying how atmospheric the whole thing looked, and the fact that all the scenes were done in one uninterrupted take is highly impressive. Even if there are no interesting actions being filmed, I did like the way the camera would move from one perfectly framed shot to another so effortlessly. I especially loved the haunting shot of the daughter sitting out looking out the window like a desperately lonely ghost. I also did like the dread-filled ending where the father carries on his boring life regardless of a total apocalyptic blackout.

      For some people this is enough. For some, masterful direction, atmosphere, a beautifully melancholic score and gorgeous visuals and cinematography is enough to warrant labelling a film a masterpiece. However, for me I require more. You can have the most beautiful visuals in the world, but if you donít give a fig about whoís in them or whatís going on in them, then they donít really mean much. The Turin Horse is totally and utterly plot-less, pointless and outrageously laborious. Itís one of the most boring things Iíve seen, but it is also beautifully made. Thereís no denying Bela Tarrís talent as a director, and if he had a real plot then he would be extremely powerful, but this has no plot. So if your into watching drips eating potatoes through the lens of a masterful director, then you might just be in luck!

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      • Deadtime Stories (1986)-6/10

        Anthology film about an uncle telling his nephew twisted versions of famous fairy tales.

        Typical anthology film. The first two stories aren't bad with the special effects being the best thing about them. Some good stuff, especially that transformation sequence in story #1.

        Story #3 on the other hand? Great! A twisted and comedic take on goldie locks and the three bears that never takes itself seriously and is a lot of fun.

        The end of the wraparound story is fun as well.
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        • The Howling 1981 (8/10) - I think the first half of this is a little underwhelming and could have done a better job establishing everything but when the second half kicks in, oh boy! The movie becomes so much fun and the transformations are basically porn to me. Crazy that this and Werewolf in London came out together.


          • Almost Human - That was one surprisingly brutal, bloody film. The story wasn't half-bad either, though it felt like parts were missing. - 7/10

            The Machine - 5.5/10


            • The Disturbance (1990)-9/10

              Horror film about a disturbed man who suffers from chronic demonic visions that he confuses with reality.

              Surprisingly effective and well made film that looks like it was filmed in the early 80's and released in 1990. The acting isn't too bad and the effects work is pretty stellar, especially the demonic creations that pop up here and there.

              It ends on a down beat note but is one hell of a hidden gem. I'll be drafting it in the future.

              Blood Rage (1987)-8/10

              80's slasher flick about a teen, who falsely accused of murder previously by his twin brother, escapes the hospital he is staying and heads home to stop his brother from murdering more people.

              Hands down the best thing about is the death sequences. Bloody and brutal with great effects work by Ed French. Mark Soper's performance as the killer is also great and I really liked the score as well.

              My only issue is I wish the director put a little mystery into the film. Considering the twin storyline he could've messed with the audience's heads a little bit regarding the killer. But nope. It's about the gore.

              And I'm alright with that

              Avoid the DVD under the title "Nightmare at Shadow Woods" it's cut to pieces.


              • Enter The Void, 2009. 9/10


                • Originally posted by Wonderlust View Post
                  Enter The Void, 2009. 9/10

                  Enter The Void is such a mindfuck, I love it.


                  • Originally posted by Tromette View Post
                    Enter The Void is such a mindfuck, I love it.
                    Ha! Awesome. It was my first time seeing it. Truly amazing in every way possible. The camera filming from the top and behind, floating.. and the colors! The small cramped Tokyo apartments and the blurry neon sex scenes. This film has totally infected me. : )


                    • Spasms (1983)-7/10

                      Fun creature feature. Some solid gore. Love seeing Oliver Reed and Peter Fonda cashing a check

                      Death 'O Lantern (201?)-7/10

                      Chris Seaver's homage to 1980's SOV flicks. He pretty much nails the look and feel of those flicks and the acting and effects work are delightfully cheap.

                      Sadly its only 40 minutes long but whatever.


                      • Malevolence

                        Mickey's Tavern Forum
                        A great place for comics, video games, movies, and everything else.


                        • Phantasm IV: Oblivion

                          Again. I love this franchise, and Oblivion just moved to my second favourite in it. I'm not sure how many years it's been, but I adored it this go around..

                          And it actually makes me unsure of Part 5.. I love, and I mean, love the ending to this.. It's as if The Tall Man wins. Evil. Winning. I hope a part 5 doesn't "kill" The Tall Man. Revising this has made me kind of sceptical. To the last minute flash back of Mike and Reggie, which is eerie and beautiful, to Reggie's credit song featuring the Phantasm tune.. Perfect. As well as Reggie himself pursuing The Tall Man into the unknown...

                          Phantasm's allure is it's lack of explanation. Executed perfectly. And watching the documentary on Disc 5 of the set has made me love the franchise even more than I already did...

                          As far as Horror Franchises go, Phantasm is easily the most consistent, and the most fluid flowing of them all. Hands down. No questions.

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                          • Originally posted by The Geek View Post
                            The Disturbance (1990)-9/10
                            Nice recommendation, looks good!

                            Originally posted by Wonderlust View Post
                            Enter The Void, 2009. 9/10


                            • Originally posted by Wonderlust View Post
                              Enter The Void, 2009. 9/10

                              Originally posted by Tromette View Post
                              Enter The Void is such a mindfuck, I love it.
                              Originally posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post

                              One of my faves

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                              • The Double - 9/10

                                I really wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. I'm not Jesse Eisenberg's biggest fan. I'd honestly say I don't even care for him that much. But he did a fine job with both roles in this film. I really enjoyed this, from the dark slow burn pace, to the odd background sets and technology that is's very reminiscent of Brazil. Kudos to the director and whoever else decided to use their imagination and make things just a bit different. Highly recommended.