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  • Faces of Schlock (2009)-7/10


    • Originally posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
      The Great Silence 1968 (9/10) - Awesome western with an enigmatic lead and despicable villain. The bleak and snowy landscape is a perfect setting for a primitive society that's unable to mask its savagery.
      Top Marks! I LOVE THE GREAT SILENCE! THAT haunting music by the Maestro Ennio Morricone is amongst my all-time Spaghetti Western favourite scores. Gotta love that crazy bastard Klaus Kinski as bad guy 'Loco'!

      This film is up there as one of the top Spaghetti Westerns and should be seen by anyone who has even a passing interest in the genre. I hope it gets a good blu-ray release sometime soon.

      "When you have to shoot, shoot don't talk."


      • Zodiac (2007) 8.5/10


        • Rec 4 - 2/5

          Boring. First two movies are great but this and the third entry leave a lot to be desired. It was good to see Angela back but I really miss the cam POV and the claustrophoic setting of the first two films. Let's hope this is the end of this franchise.


          • William Friedkin's Cruising (1980) - 8.5/10

            This is Friedkin's best work. Yeah, that includes The Exorcist (the most consistently overrated of the traditional GOAT horror pictures; great, but not the elemental force of nature it's made out to be) or The French Connection. Or Sorcerer, Goddamn your eyes.

            It works because the killer is completely anonymous, like the partners he picks up. The lone killer is portrayed by different actors in different scenes, including the actor who played a previously dispatched victim. Al Pacino is incredibly subdued, almost tranquilized in this one; no hyperactive motor-mouth from him here.

            This works for the same reason something like The New York Ripper works: it has an utterly vicious sexuality to it. (There's a brief shot of a man getting fist-fucked in a sling. And those weren't extras.)

            Yeah, its sexual politics are profoundly reactionary, though Cruising's homophobia is the self-loathing of the closet-case rather than the superstitious bigotry of the anti-gay heterosexual. And it's a million times better than a more sympathetic near-contemporary, City In Panic.

            Watch this.
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              Always makes me smile when I see what London looked like back in the day and a lot of the locations are not far from where I work. Such a classic! That transformation sequence is still a blinder! I have read many times over that the transformation sequence in WOLFCOP pays homage to Rick Baker's work - need to check that out soon!
              "When you have to shoot, shoot don't talk."


              • The People Under the Stairs

                I watched this last night and found it hugely entertaining! It was campy beyond belief but so funny. I also loved how it had Ed and Nadine from Twin Peaks! The first half is a little slow, but the second half is just pure enjoyment. It reminded me a little bit of Home Alone at some points with the kids trying to outwit the parents.

                Some people say that the film takes itself to seriously. WHAT!? The People Under the Stairs does no take itself seriously at all. At one point Everett McGill randomly pops up wearing a gimp outfit with a shotgun and shoots the walls. It's absolutely ridiculous!

                The acting is hysterical, the music is so 80's it's hurts (which is strange considering that it was made in 1991) and the script is pretty much nonsensical. The child abuse elements were a strange inclusion, considering that the atmosphere is largely fun and campy, and the political message was very heavy-handed. However, The People Under the Stairs is just a fun film to watch. Especially if you're a little pissed.

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                • American History X - 9.5/10

                  Latest Horror Movies Watched

                  • La Horde- 6/10
                  • The Loved Ones - 8/10
                  • American Mary - 4.5/10
                  • Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre - 2/10
                  • I Spit On Your Grave(2010) - 7.5/10
                  • The Human Centipede - 6.5/10
                  • Serbian Film - 9/10


                  • Originally posted by The Geek View Post
                    Faces of Schlock (2009)-7/10

                    Is that what I think it is?


                    • Originally posted by Deadly Fiend View Post
                      Is that what I think it is?
                      You know it


                      • The Babadook 8.5/10

                        OR why I'm never having any kids.

                        My DVD's/Blu's


                        • The Giver - 8/10
                          The Player - 9/10
                          Mission: Impossible III - 9.5/10


                          • The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)-10/10


                            Die Die Delta Pi (2013)-6/10


                            Fear of Clowns 2 (2007)-8/10


                            • Originally posted by The Geek View Post
                              The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)-10/10

                              One of the best 80's teen movies.


                              • Collar, 2014. 8/10

                                Felt Nicholson's style all over this film, as always amazing gore FX.