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  • The Lazarus Effect (2015, David Gelb) - 3.5/10

    The Insider (1999, Michael Mann) - 9/10


    • The Lazarus Effect (2015) - 3/10


      • Originally posted by Doctor RoXo View Post
        HA! I'm not the only one! Bay of Blood just isn't that good. Not really entertaining.

        What did you think of Dawg Fight? I liked it a lot.
        Dawg Fight was great. I thought it was hilarious.

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        • Godzilla vs. Destroyah - 4/5

          Buddies and I got together to watch this as a joke. Turned out to be amazing.



          • Originally posted by Mr. Awesome View Post
            Dawg Fight was great. I thought it was hilarious.
            Billy Corben makes great documentaries. I love The U and Cocaine Cowboys.
            I thought it was funny at the end when Dada called out Kimbo Slice
            Kimbo is getting old but I think he could take down Dada.


            • The ABCs of Death 2 - While it was better than the original, saying so is kind of like saying getting kicked repeatedly in the shin is better than being punched repeatedly in the groin. With possible exceptions of D, H, P and Z, none were quite as bad as most of part 1, but the majority never reached their potential and were quite forgettable. U was my fave, and I kinda liked R, Q, X and M. A, B and L were fair. The rest, meh. I shan't make the mistake of being suckered into watching any more should they make sequels.

              Insidious: Chapter 3 - Kinda falls apart at the end, and relied way too much on discordant string instruments to let you know you're looking at something scary, but not bad for Leigh Whannell's directorial debut. - 7/10
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              2015 Horror Draft
              In the Mouth of Madness
              Cast a Deadly Spell
              The Call of Cthulhu
              Call Girl of Cthulhu
              The Dunwich Horror
              The Resurrected (Shatterbrain)
              Dreams in the Witch-House
              Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
              The Haunted Palace


              • Miami Vice - Mmm, mmm, mmm. Just gets better and better.



                • Deep Sleep {Sonno Profondo}, 2013. 6/10

                  A pretty picture show.

                  Trophy Heads, 2014. 6/10

                  Daddy's Little Girl, 2012. 7/10

         the moon and back..



                  • Almost Mercy, 2015. 7/10



                    • Tromeo & Juliet
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                      A great place for comics, video games, movies, and everything else.


                      • "Scream 2".....A terrific sequel to the original smash hit!! The cast is wonderful..with a fun mix of characters. Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox are all terrific once again. Neve won the Best Actress Saturn Award for the 1st part....its too bad Courteney wasn't honored for this one. She was nommed for Supporting Actress, but she should have been nommed and won for Best Actress. I love the character of "Gale" and Cox portrays her wonderfully. Kevin Williamson does another awesome job as the screenwriter as does Wes Craven for the directing. There is also some excellent suspenseful moments and good twists and turns. Love the additions of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jada Pinkett to the cast. Pinkett's character of "Maureen" is a hoot to watch. Bigger body count, more thrills, more campy fun, and more bloody gore highlight the movie. I also like that the character of "Cotton" is a bigger part of the story in this one. Scream 2 rates almost as high as the 1st one for me.



                        • "Scream 3"....An enjoyable sequel and strong finish(or so we thought) to this wonderful slasher trilogy( we thought). Solid directing by Wes Craven, fine screenplay by Ehren Kruger(hoped Kevin Williamson would have wrote it though), terrific cast, fun mix of characters( with 2 or 3 that are lame and performed badly), and an awesome music score. Courtney Cox Arquette(with ugly hair and hair color that makes her look old), Neve Campbell, and David Arquette are all wonderful once again. I like that "Dewey" and "Gale" got engaged in this one. The backstory of Maureen Prescott fits in well with the movie. It had some surprises, but everything gelled pretty good. I think the 1st time I watched this I was a bit surprised that "Roman" turned out to be the killer..and Syd's brother too. Parker Posey as "Jennifer" is a hoot to watch..even though the character( might annoy some people) is written and played so over the top and campy. I wanted her to survive as well. All in all this 3rd installment ties up the loose ends and allows a few characters a sense of closure. I have always loved this series!!



                          • KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK

                            Wow... Just... WOW. Well, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and dug up some of my KISS cds from the collection and it was only then that I recalled that I had KISSOLOGY VOLUME TWO: 1978-1991 which included the dvd of this 'film'. Man... where to begin? Bad acting, bad editing, NO evidence of a coherent script... Special effects that were shoddy, even by 70's standards. Please file this under "Worst Film Ever Made" and / or "What the HELL were they thinking?!"

                            "When you have to shoot, shoot don't talk."


                            • Les Diaboliques 1955 (8.5/10) - Classic French horror that taunts and torments with it's tightly wound tale of murder. Whilst still entertaining today this would have blown audiences minds in 1955, very influential in terms of storytelling.

                              [SPOILER]I saw the ending coming but still... [/SPOILER]
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                              • Edge of Tomorrow (2014, Doug Liman) - 8.5/10

                                Noticed on the 5th that the 6th would be the one year anniversary since I first watched this. I now declare June 6th Edge of Tomorrow day.

                                3:10 to Yuma (2007, James Mangold) - 7.5/10

                                Originally posted by Heretic View Post
                                Miami Vice - Mmm, mmm, mmm. Just gets better and better.


                                raise that ratin

                                Originally posted by Mayday View Post
                                Z, none were quite as bad as most of part 1
                                Can you tell me what drug you're on so I never take it?

                                Z is the best segment in both movies.