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  • dying of the light(2014) 4/10 except for cages great performance everything else is pretty predictable forgettable


    • Domain of the Damned, 2007. 6/10

      American Backwoods; Slew Hampshire, 2013.


      • Originally posted by Se7en View Post

        5 Centimeters Per Second (2007, Makoto Shinkai) - 10/10
        I've had this film for a long time and never watched it. Guess I've been missing out.


        • Bullhead 2011 (9/10) - Oscar nominated Belgium crime/revenge film that I thought was awesome. It's impactful with one of the most sickening scenes I've seen in a while, fantastic lead performance as well. Looking forward to watching The Drop.


          • Jurassic Park (1993) - 9/10

            Toolbox Murders (2004) - 7/10

            San Andreas (2015) - 6/10


            • harry & son(1984) starring paul newman, robby benson, helen hunt, and wilfred brimley. 7/10


              • Jersey Boys 2014 (7/10) - Eastwood chose biopic over musical and knowing nothing about the broadway play this suited me just fine. Unfortunately the source material cheapens the dialogue and direction making many aspects rather tame and derivative. Overall a fun watch but flawed in execution, the mixed reaction is understandable.


                • Demonic - 6.5/10
                  Swimming Pool - 7.5/10
                  Welcome to Me - 3.5/10


                  • dead ringers(198 9/10


                    • Originally posted by Doctor RoXo View Post

                      I've had this film for a long time and never watched it. Guess I've been missing out.
                      You have been!

                      The Cell (2000, Tarsem Singh) - 5/10
                      Spring (2015, Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson) - 8.5/10
                      4:44 Last Day on Earth (2011, Abel Ferrara) - 7/10
                      Come and See (1985, Elem Klimov) - 10/10

                      Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film.
                      I find the Metal Gear Solid series to be mediocre at best.


                      • Jersey Boys

                        I had no idea the plague that haunted Franky Valli throughout his amazing career. Soul crushing shit really, it's amazing he was able to get through everything... And stay clean.. Eastwoods direction is once again, masterfully handled. I wasn't really sure what to expect going into this but I really enjoyed it. Well acted, great story, great sound track, all beautifully put together by one of the very best in the business. 9/10
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                        • Pernicious, 2015. 5/10

                          Nice gore effect but not nearly enough, annoying pretty girls and the usual fare story wise.

                          Out on VOD today if interested.


                          • Jurassic World 2015 (7/10) - Saw this in Imax today and pretty much agree with everyone else that it's a fun summer blockbuster and the best of the sequels. The spectacle/action doesn't pack much of a punch but it makes for an entertaining ride.


                            • Danny Collins, 2015, 8/10.

                              Amazing , beautiful and Al Pacino is fantastic but isn't he always?!?


                              • Children of a Darker Dawn, 2012. 7/10.

                                Written and directed by Jason Figgis. I had corresponded with him many times when we first opened EHC. He gave me a screener through FB messages but alas I lost that account so I never watched this..until now on Amazon Prime.

                                Ireland. A virus of some sort attacks only the parents of children/teens and of course the world falls apart and the children have to make it on their own. The parents go mad and then their bodies break down and they die. They never infected the children, its not walkingdeadesque.

                                I really liked this and as it went on I grew quite fond of it. The dialog was fierce, back and fourth, back and fourth. That was interesting and of course the accents are amazing. There were some amazing scenes but it ran at a very slow pace but I welcomed that. : )

                                Great job Jason on this film, wonderfully done.