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  • Originally posted by Nightmare View Post
    The Final Girls - Saw the trailer a few days ago, and thought it looked really fun. Then I learned it was PG-13 and my expectations fell dramatically, but I was still willing to give this movie a fair shake. Just finished watching it on Amazon and I pretty much hated it. There's two likable characters, but they were the first two to "die". Like I thought, the rating really held the movie back from being much fun. There was one amusing death in the movie for me, which was Adam Devine's. All of the mother/daughter bonding scenes got super annoying. A lot of the humor missed the mark for me too. "LOL, these people are from the 80's so they don't know what iPhones or the internet are." Ugh. I don't plan on seeing this ever again. My recommendation is to skip this and just watch Behind the Mask again instead. Bummer, because I REALLY wanted to like this movie. 4/10

    Two very conflicting thoughts. It will be interesting to see what others think (I know Mr. Bungle dug it)

    B-Movie Madness

    Horror Draft 2015:

    1. Sledgehammer
    2. Death O' Lantern
    3. WolfCop


    • The Collection - 9/10

      Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers - 8/10
      2015 Horror Draft
      Eaten Alive aka Mangiati vivi!


      • Black Mass - 3/5

        Was really looking forward to this but felt a bit let down. This could have been on par with Goodfellas or The Departed, because Whitey Bulger was a huge criminal and ruled South Boston with an iron fist, but this film really holds back and concentrates more on the behind the scenes drama about Bulgers alliance with the FBI. Best thing Depps been in in years and all of the other acting is great, especially Joel Edgerton, but this is a bit of a missed opportunity.


        • WolfCop, 2014. 7/10

          Knock Knock, 2015. 6/10

          The chicks were fucking nuts, but I didn't like them. Meh.

          Hack O Lantern, 1988. 5/10


          • Child's Play - 10/10
            ​Child's Play - 8/10
            ​Child's Play - 7/10
            Bride of Chucky - 9/10
            Seed of Chucky - 6.5/10
            Curse of Chucky - 7.5/10

            Loved how it all ended too........


            • Cooties (2014) - 4/10

              Disappointing. Some funny parts, but the jokes were really hit and miss for me.