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  • Originally posted by Se7en View Post
    idk how to rate belly but its hard. Queen of Earth is almost perfect. both dope.
    I kinda thought you'd like Belly. Was this your first time seeing it?

    Self/less - 6.5.10

    Not quite what I was expecting from Tarsem Singh, a director I really admire. His film, The Fall, is one of my favorites.
    So I am a bit disappointed with this film. It's not bad by any means. But it could've done so much more with the story. It really is a nice premise, but it just felt very cookie cutter.


    • Straight Outta Compton - 5/5

      Easily one of, if not the best musical bio pics I've ever seen, and I'm not even a fan of gangster rap. Everything about this is on point. The story is compelling and had me hooked from start to finish. There's so much energy bursting out of every scene, especially the concert sequences. You can tell there was so much passion put into this film and now I understand why N.W.A's music was considered so dangerous, because the stories they told were real. It was their lives and the cards they were dealt that formed their music. This movie is electrifying.


      • Watched Last House on the Left the night Wes passed.. With his Commentary.. Great commentary on a great film. 10/10

        A Maestro of Horror. A genre Master. And a legend of the Sliver Screen. Wes Craven 1939 ~ 2015


        • Originally posted by Doctor RoXo View Post
          I kinda thought you'd like Belly. Was this your first time seeing it?
          Ye. Homie recommended it.

          Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film.
          I find the Metal Gear Solid series to be mediocre at best.


          • L.A. Maniac - 7/10

            Carnosaur - 8/10
            Mosquito - 7/10
            Cybernator - 7/10


            • Lost After Dark (2014) - 7/10