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Looper (2012)

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    I saw it and I actually really really liked it! Though not a patch on Inception or District 9 it is still (as stated above) a very solid movie indeed. It was thrilling, had great directing and intelligent (if not confusing) writing. For me, the film really hit its stride when Emily Blunt's character was introduced. That stopped the film from falling into 'man running away' cliches and took on board a whole new human element, proving it has brains as well as heart. Although, it is a little over-hyped as I wouldn't say it was the best film of 2012 (I liked The Dark Knight Rises, The Cabin in the Woods, Sinister and Amour better than this) but it's still a great film. I really liked the ending.

    8.5/10 (at first I gave it a 9, then an 8 so I'll put it in the middle. I might change it when I watch it again.)
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      Originally posted by Ultimate High View Post
      It's better than both of them.

      Better than Inception?!