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    Originally posted by Heretic View Post
    You're way too predictable. Take some time off, and go educate yourself on the evolution of the modern internet troll, and come back with some fresh material already. Your game is weak.

    The reboot was probably the best any tired franchise could hope for. This should be great.
    Originally posted by rusted31 View Post
    Be patient.

    The hammer just fell on Heathen. This douche will be next.
    Perfect prediction.

    Originally posted by Yggdrasil View Post

    Looks good.
    Oh my, looks like one hell of an attrition warfare again.
    Cumberbatch as the villain? He does Smaug's voice in The Hobbit as well. He seems to have the villain gen.
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      I'm with most of you... this does look good. I'm a fan of the first one. I thought it brought the light back to Star Trek with good fashion. All I want is for this to be better than the first. As I watched the trailer I don't remember seeing them in space, so hopefully that's not a problem.

      Looking forward to another trailer.
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        Originally posted by Shape View Post

        Looking forward to another trailer.
        Another has been released.


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          I'm uber excited! Heather Langenkamp apparently has a bit part!

          I really do wish the next generation would have had one more movie but J.J blew me away with the first so i'm happy to see the follow up! I have to really respect the guy for making it an alternative universe to keep the fans happy.

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            Originally posted by rusted31 View Post
            Thanks, but I've seen that one. I was basically referring to the official trailer. Everybody knows you base your thoughts of how you think the movie will be with the official.
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              'Star Trek' stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana to host Academy's sci-tech awards



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                I can't wait for this. I was overly impressed with the first, and I'm no huge Trekkie by any means (old man loves it all so I've grown up with it in my life a fair bit).

                Can't wait till it's release.
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                  abram's star trek was just fucking fantastic, far beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. i'm a huge trekker, and really can't get enuf bill, leonard, deforest and co, but abrams found a way to both re-invent star trek, make something familiar, make something new, make something riveting, AND fucking make it fit into continuity. his star trek is a breath behind wrath of khan for my favorite star trek movie, and it's cracked my top fifty, which is hard to do for any movie made after 1986.

                  cannot wait for this flick, cannot wait.
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                    I am sooo excited to see this movie and see my man as Scotty again

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                      I'm really looking forward to this one. I hope it does go into darkness, so to speak.

                      Can't wait to see what Benedict Cumberbatch does with his character.


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                        Went and saw this today and loved every second of it.

                        This is exactly how a sequel should be. It doesn't replicate the original but goes into a darker, more daring direction and surpasses it's first installment.

                        It's impossible to talk about even the most minor of plot points without spoilers so I won't reveal anything here, but the plot is a good one and is tight and focused.

                        The original cast return and everybody gets enough screen time, but once again Zachary Quinto proves that his casting of Spock is bang on. The interaction between him and Chris Pines Kirk is excellent, but this film truly belongs to Benedict Cumberbach. Not since Heath Ledgers Joker has a screen villain been so captivating. His John Harrison is cold and calculating and he just elevates every scene he's in. Every time he opens his mouth, the way he delivers his lines send chills. He really is the star of this show.

                        The film hits the ground running and doesn't let up. Seeing as all of the characters were introduced in the first film this one launches straight into the action and propels from set piece to set piece and the running time just flies by. The effects are great and for once the 3D actually serves its purpose.

                        I'm sure hard core trekkies could moan about something but for me this film is science fiction action blockbuster entertainment at its finest.


                        EDIT - Any one who has issues with Abrams love of lens flares will have a stroke watching this. The film is filled with them , and not just in action scenes.
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                          Dammit. Seems like this is out everywhere except America. Maybe its because us yanks aren't very good at keeping secrets.

                          Anyway, l'm dying to see this. Every time l see a trailer for it my nipples get hard enough to cut dilithium crystals.


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                            I want to see this yadda-yadda Alice Eve.


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                              Originally posted by Alkaline View Post
                              I want to see this yadda-yadda Alice Eve.

                              Yeah. Shes set to both stun AND kill in that get-up.

                              I had a weird fucking dream about this movie the other day, as l do about so many other movies l'm very anxious to see. Non-Trekkies probably won't get it, but here it is anyway:

                              The dream consisted of me watching the movie for the first time in a theater. As the film progressed it turned out that the Trill were bent on universal domination. Now the Trill (for those of you who aren't nerds, don't speak fluent Klingon, or don't attend conventions) are a benevolent species of worm-like symbiotes who are part of the Federation in the original Roddenberry universe. But in my dream-version of the J.J. Abrams universe, they were hideous parasites that would force themselves into unwary humanoid hosts and wreak havoc throughout the galaxy. Their leader squirmed it's way into Benedict Cumberbatch and subsequently annihilated the Federation, as well as most of the human race. Kirk himself died towards the end, as one of the sluggish Trill attempted to invade his body. He resisisted in futility, and his head split open in a gory, defiant spectacle, while Mr. Spock looked on in horror.

                              That's all l recall.

                              I seriously doubt Into Darkness will be that dark, but nevertheless l look forward to it, obviously.

                              Can't wait for Thursday...

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                                It's not an overly dark film but darker than the first JJ film. It's as dark as a Star Trek film can get. It isn't The Dark Knight.