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  • Chocolate (2008)

    great thai actioner! jeeja is very likable, but generally the movie has a bit messy storytelling... the fights are on par with ong bak and the like though, so that about makes up for it!

    im trying to track down which movies are referenced in it... jeeja (zen) is watching two short movie clips 24 minutes into the film, but i cant identify them... i think its bruce lee movies... can anyone help out?

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    Martial arts seems to be a genre so vast that never exhausts its resources. It has been done it all, with all kinds of stuff. Have been made from the most unusual choreography until impossible angles.

    In this case it is an autistic girl who learns martial arts watching films ( I know). A number of bastards owe money to her mother who has cancer and need to buy expensive medicines and then blah blah blah.....

    The script is not very credible. But is that the film focuses on the fights, period.

    In the opening moments of the first act, Chocolate shown as a drama, but shortly after takes another direction, when conflict breaks out and the madness begins. The choreographies are brutal and well done, especially the last final fight is amazing.

    Anyway, if you have any special weakness for films like Ong Bak, Thai Dragon, etc. This is not going to disappoint you.


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      ^^ I'd def recommend this one to anyone who likes martial arts movies. If you've seen The Raid recently, or Rumble in the Bronx, or Ong Bak, and liked them, then this is for you.


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        I fooking loved it! I recently brought another one of her films called raging phoenix but still haven't had time to see it


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          I found Chocolate way too action-heavy. It had an extremely thin plot and just seemed like one fight scene after another. Personally I prefer a fantastic screenplay to go with it (see Kill Bill).

          I much preferred 13: Game of Death from the same makers and The Raid had a lot better action and story.

          Also, why were those people transvestites? The scene where all of the transvestites get shot has to be one of the funniest movie moments ever, just because it's so bizarre!
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