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7 días en La Habana (2012)

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  • 7 días en La Habana (2012)

    7 Days In Havana

    Directed by
    Laurent Cantet
    Benicio Del Toro
    Julio Medem
    Gaspar Noé
    Elia Suleiman
    Juan Carlos Tabío
    Pablo Trapero

    Anyone know anything about this? I can't seem to find any real info, besides the obvious (7 short films by seven directors all taking place in Havana over 7 days).

    Besides Gaspar Noe, I'm not really familar with the other directors ( I have seen Sex and Lucia by Julio Medem, but that is it) and Benicio Del Toro I only know as an actor, I guess this is his directoral debut from what I have read.

    Sounds interesting. One thing I know for sure Noe's short will be either surreal, violent, filled with sex or all three. Also, it will be amazing.

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    This is what I know:

    The first to shoot his short film was the French director Laurent Cantet (the class), who followed the Puerto Rican Benicio del Toro, the Spanish Julio Medem, Cuban Juan Carlos Tabio, Argentines Gaspar Noe and Pablo Trapero, and the Palestinian Elia Suleiman.

    I've seen several movies directed by Pablo Trapero (another good Argentine director) "Carancho" a very good film that I recommend to anyone who has not done so, also saw his film "Leonera", "El Bonaerense" and "Mundo Grua", all very good, are raw movies and real.

    Of Julio Medem I have only seen "Sex and Lucia" and "Room in Rome".

    I am very excited about this project.


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      Sounds good, I'm excited. I didn't realize Del Toro was Puerto Rican, it makes me like him a bit more, I'm half myself.


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        Have you seen the movie Carancho by Pablo Trapero?, this is the trailer:
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          Originally posted by Renacimiento View Post
          Have you seen the movie Carancho by Pablo Trapero?, this is the trailer:
          No I haven't. Looks good though, thanks for the heads up.


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            More info:

            7 days in Havana is intended as a portrait of this city at the present time. Composed of 7 stories independent of each other, led by seven different directors on each bring their own vision of this city.

            Some actors of 7 days in Havana:

            Josh Hutcherson
            Othello RensoliRemigio
            Daniel Brühl
            Emir Kusturica

            The Gaspar Noe short filmed called "Friday" and this is one of the photos during the shooting:

            And this is something he said in an interview about the filming:

            "I recently shot a short film in Cuba, I thought that that would excite me, but unexpected difficulties arose. I've got used to the way the Japanese work, they are really workaholics, six days a week, fourteen hours a day working on the set. Perfectionists, as I am. So wherever I shoot after that time, I miss it. "


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              Being both Cuban and a fan of Noe, i'm definately interested in this.


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