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    Definitely The Host! That is one of my favorite monster movies as well.


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      My faves in order,

      Brotherhood of War
      I Saw the Devil
      Memories of Murder
      The Host


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        Originally posted by ReptilianPig View Post
        I'll vouch for Save the Green Planet, also. Don't let the cover art(one of two I've seen) fool you - it's a well-done and sometimes nasty sci-fi comedy w/ heart.
        I think the cover art is awesome! Very Dr. Strangelove-esque.


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          Originally posted by OpenThePodBayDoorsHal View Post
          I think the cover art is awesome! Very Dr. Strangelove-esque.
          There are two in circulation. One is crowned "the tame version," which, to me, doesn't give you any idea as to what you are about to get into, given the situation that you have the movie because of the happy-go-lucky seeming cover art.


          "not tame"

          I dunno, the first looks to me like silly outer-space fun.
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            I was never a fan of Korean Films for some reason, I've liked only a few and I haven't seen much.

            Shiri was aiight

            And then there was this fuc'er


            Also this one, which had it's funny moments as well as emo-stylin' which is a Korean trend to me, super EMO


            There's probably some cool ones out there, just gotta research. That monster movie and I did like A tale of two sisters


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              I'll have to give some Korean Cinema a chance, I'll start with these and move slowly, don't be fooled by trailers, they often if not always end up totally...EMO!




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                Def. want to see this



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                  A Bittersweet Life
                  Save the Green Planet
                  Memories of Murder
                  Tae Guk Gi
                  Public Enemy
                  Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance



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                    The Good, the Bad, The Weird
                    Bloody Reunion
                    I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay
                    D-War (if you can really consider that Korean...)

                    I've also seen a few rom-coms I can't seem to name individually. In my opinion, you've seen one, you've seen them all.

                    I'm also dying to watch the Vengence series. Song Kang-ho is one of my favorite actors EVER!
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                      It's been a while since I've followed Foreign Cinema but from what I recall...

                      I Saw the Devil
                      Fighter in the Wind
                      The Man from Nowhere
                      Tae Guk Gi

                      Korean cinema seems to have slowed down a lot lately, maybe all the talent has moved to Hollywood and been ruined.

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                        While I have seen a fair number of Korean classics like The Revenge Trilogy, ISTD, and ATOTS, I think the most enjoyable Korean movie I've ever seen is this:

                        The very definition of romantic comedy. It's very funny and sweet all at the same time. 10/10.

                        She isn't a scream queen for nothing, right?


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                          I never particularly liked Oldboy. I think I Saw The Devil is a masterpiece though and The Guardpost and The Host are also good films. A Tale of Two sisters is also good but I was hoping for it to be a lot better.


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                            I think that Korea is up their with France for making the most stand-out horror films. So far I've seen:

                            I Saw The Devil
                            The Chaser
                            Sympathy For Lady Vengence
                            The Host

                            All of them have been fantastic, I think I Saw The Devil is the best though (followed closely by Oldboy)

                            I really want to see:
                            The Man From Nowhere
                            Dream Home

                            and probably a few others which I've forgotten about. GO KOREA!
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                              great topic, love korean movies.

                              100 days with mr arrogant
                              the way home
                              i saw the devil
                              im a cyborg but thats ok
                              virgin snow
                              baby and me
                              the man from nowhere
                              old boy
                              my sassy girl
                              christmas in august
                              3 iron
                              a tale of two sisters
                              the brotherhood of war
                              memoirs of murder

                              just some of top of my head, i could go on lol
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                                Gotta add Mother to my list. Another great film from Bong Joon-ho. The man's work is pure class. I haven't seen a dud from him yet.