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Suicide Room {2011}

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  • Suicide Room {2011}

    aka Sala samobójców

    Director: Jan Komasa

    Dominik is just a regular guy with many friends and the best girlfriend at school. His parents are wealthy and he can buy what he wants and does. However an innocent kiss with another boy, changes everything for him. He goes into isolation and whiles away the time on the computer and there he meets a girl who introduces him to the “suicide room”, an online room that allows no escape. Dominik finds himself trapped by his own feelings and he becomes involved in intrigue and loses when he most loves.

    When Dominik enters the suicide room, he begins to live a new life and drops out of school. He escapes into himself and loneliness. Most of us have had an experience like this but this is where the similarity ends and to find out how, you will have to see the film.

    And then he meets Slyvia.....Queen of the suicide room. Dominik and Slyvia eventually fall for each other but she reuses to let Dominik die with her. She tells him she knows he wants to live, and by the way he tries to get her to live and their interactions online, he obviously wants to live. He sought out another living human to talk to, so obviously he wants to live. He just needs an honest connection, like all of us do. Their relationship is so much more intricate than it seems and the way the movie plays with its uncertainty is wonderful.

    You will feel something, some form of emotion after watching this.

    Dark movie. Dark topics. Beautifully fucking shot. The acting is phenomenal. It's a film that works, Watch it. I need to buy it.

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    The movie looks great with an interesting promise, look forwards to seeing this.


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      Thanks for the heads up, I will check it out.