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The Thieves (2012)

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  • The Thieves (2012)

    The Thieves

    Imagine Ocean's Eleven, but tens times more entertaining. That is what The Thieves is. A South Korean thief brings his team to Macau, China for a big heist. He pairs up with his former business partner who is aligned with his own troop of Chinese thieves. The group plans to steal a $20 million dollar diamond called 'The Tear of the Sun.' But everyone has their own agenda once the heist begins.

    This was one of the most entertaining films I've seen in a long time. Every element of it works. The plot is complicated enough to keep you guessing all the way to the end, but not so convolluted that it is impossible to follow. There are many characters in the film, but at no point do they overlap or become confused. The action elements of the film are astounding. The actual heist is thrilling, one of the best I can think of. And the comedic elements of the film totally kill. This was my second favorite movie from last year and I highly suggest everyone track it down. It was South Korea's big box-office winner last year and I think it smokes all the Top 10 grossing American films from 2012.

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    I remember seeing this listed on Seventorrents awhile back.
    Fantastic cast. I watch a lot of Korean films so I recognize a few names here and there. Gonna check this out.


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      Originally posted by NRA4Ever View Post

      Imagine Ocean's Eleven, but tens times more entertaining.




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        I was kind of hoping this would go unnoticed until our little contest has concluded.


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          I missed that as part of an asia film festival in my town. I might give it a go within my four walls.
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