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Bullet Collector (2011)

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  • Bullet Collector (2011)

    A troubled young Russian teen (Ruslan Nazarenko), is mired in a life with a distant mother, a step-father who hates him, and bullies at school who constantly harass and beat him. It's no wonder he creates a fantasy world where he has a beautiful girlfriend and his father is a legendary bullet collector, a killer police never catch because he always collects the bullet shells from his crime scenes.

    But after the young man attacks one of his tormentors -seriously injuring him, the teen is sent to a reform school where he encounters more harassment and abuse -by the staff, as well as the other boys at the facility. Utilizing the help of a fictitious friend from his fantasies, the boy concocts a way to escape his hell, at the same time delving deeper into his imaginary world.

    Bullet Collector is the debut of Aleksandr Vartanov, in terms of features films and is certainly an incredible debut. Everything in this movie has a very great level of perfection.

    The story is dramatic and heartbreaking, depressing, brutal, uncomfortable but beautifully shot, full of hypnotic images that will remain in our minds. Highly recommended.