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    So, since i'm a huge fan of this brilliant man, I decided to make a thread.

    He hasn't made a single weak album and is one of the most original musical artists ever.

    I love how different all of his releases are from each other.

    We have his early 70's, jazzier period with classic albums like "The Heart of Saturday Night" and "Small Change".

    Then we got his more experimental period in the 80's (my personal favorite Waits "style") with essentials like "Rain Dogs" and "Frank's Wild Years".

    90's showed us a much darker side of Waits...just listen to his grammy-winning masterpiece "Bone Machine".

    2000's...Waits is still going strong and his sound is messier, louder and still as awesome as ever. Check out his latest 3-disc set "Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards".

    If I should make a top 5 of my favorite albums by him, it would look something like this:

    1. Rain Dogs
    2. Swordfishtrombones
    3. Bone Machine
    4. Heartattack and Vine
    5. Frank's Wild Years

    Tom Wait's a genius and my #1 favorite musician.


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    Im a proud fan of this unbelievable talent. His album Mule Variations speaks volumes on the track like Georgia Lee, I love his acting too, Rumble Fish and in Bram Stoker's Dracula of course. Very Experimental and daring, can't classify his music since hes always changing and evolving. Extremely funny during his inbetween song rants, Its hard to give my top 5, but Ill give it a shot cause they are all unique in its melody and madness. A Brilliant talent that should be in some hall of fame somewhere.

    1. Bone Machine
    2. Mule Variations
    3. Rain Dogs
    4. Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards
    5. Frank's Wild Years

    Fave song: Who are you


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      I didn't think anyone else here liked him...since most people on this board are metalheads and that Waits is an...well, aquired taste, hehe!

      Nice to see a fellow fan.

      And yeah, Who Are You is an amazing song.


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        My Dad got me into T.W a while ago,Tha man is Beast-Mode!!! If you like his acting check out Down by Law by Jim Jarmusch. I'm waiting on a DVD of T.W live @ Austin City Limits from the late 70's ,its not a Official release though.

        Good to see others who appreciate his Grimey Genius


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          Originally posted by black coffee View Post
          since most people on this board are metalheads
          Not really.


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            Originally posted by Brain eater View Post
            Not really.
            Yes, really.


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              Originally posted by black coffee View Post
              Yes, really.
              Excuse me almighty wise one.


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                Tom Waits is the man.

                On another note, one only has to look at the "artist draft" to realize that most among us are indeed metalheads.


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                  Not a fan of the guy, overall...

                  BUT, the music video for 'What's He Building?' is the creepiest music video I have ever seen, and would probably rank highly on my "Creepiest Horror Movies" list.



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                    Shit I didn't even know he made a video for that "song".

                    That was definitely creepy (as if the song itself wasn't creepy enough).

                    He's a brilliant storyteller. He should narrate a horror movie. That voice is haunting.


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                      ......lets not forget..He was also Tommy the Cat in that Primus Track & Video. O'Malleys Alley!!!!
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                        I re-discovered his album "Alice" recently. Truly fantastic album.

                        Also, anyone's going to see him on the newly announced tour?

                        No dates in Denmark. We fucking suck.


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                          So, did anyone catch him live on his Glitter and Doom tour? Oh what I'd do to experience this man live!!!

                          Currently listening to: Alice.

                          Such an underrated Waits album.


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                            This man is my artistic muse. He writes the words that make my heart beat.


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                              I've heard one album from him and liked it, I just don't really know what to listen to next seeing as how he has like 75 albums.

                              Recent Movies:
                              Kick-Ass - 9/10
                              The Human Centipede - 7/10
                              Iron Man 2 - 5.5/10
                              A Nightmare on Elm Street '84 - 8/10
                              A Nightmare on Elm Street '10 - 3/10