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    Originally posted by NRA4Ever View Post
    I feel like the only appropriate thing to listen to on vinyl is old clssic rock.
    Too bad you feel that way.

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      Originally posted by zach View Post
      Too bad you feel that way.
      That was more a joke than real. But I particularly enjoy classic rock, so why not re-start my collection there? Plus, all of my old records are all classic rock, so it is a form of nostalgia for me.


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        I have like 45-50 records but I don't own a player. I really should get one.

        The only thing I hate is shipping on Vinyl is ridiculous. I can find an album on vinyl for $5-10 but then I have to pay $11 to ship the damn thing. Or...I can buy it on CD and get the same music, $10 shipping included. When I see them in person, I pick them up. Not only do they have a different sound but I think they look a lot cooler than CDs. I'm going to San Francisco in May and there's a really great store out there that carries a lot of vinyl for cheap.


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          Ahhhh, vinyl. Nothing like that old record with a slight hint of pop at the beginning of the song. I've been dj'ing since '97 and have well over 500 records. I've swapped and traded quite a bit plus I've sold a ton of them. If I still had them, I would have over 700.

          The best place to find a cheap deck is the pawn shop or look in you local paper's classifieds. Also, check with some of your local small time stereo shops.

          Next up for me will be the Pioneer CDJ-100MK3. They are sick. I'm using 2 Technics and a DJM-500 now.

          I'll always keep my vinyl though. I'll prob bump some of my tracks over to cd once I get the equipment to do so.

          My record collection varies from old school punk to Led Zeppelin. I have some great stuff. Went into a Goodwill in Jax a couple years ago and found some f'ing gems.


          Small Time Local Stereo Shops
          Local Paper's Classifieds

          And just ask around. You might get lucky.


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            I agree the classifieds is where I found most of mine but the only draw back to that is they're usually in lots of 50 and up, so you'll probably end up with some bullshit but you can get lucky, I sure have.

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              I have decks(Numarks) Direct Drive..

              190 quid...

              about a A couple hundred 45's from the 60's through to the present
              couple hundred LP's from the 60 - present also..

              a huge collector..


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                Gotta bring this back:

                There is a record store right around the corner from my house that I have always been afraid to go into because it is just the second floor of someone's house and looks real shady. I finally went there today and my God, I can't believe I waited this long. All classics, and all cheap:

                The Yes Album - Yes
                Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull
                Zoso - Led Zeppelin
                Song for America - Kansas
                Best of the Doobies - The Doobie Brothers
                Heaven Tonight - Cheap Trick
                They Only Come Out at Night - The Edgar Winter Group

                With the exception of the Zeppelin one, which was $4, they were all .99 Such a steal, and I avoided the insane shipping costs that comes from buying vinyl online. I will definitely be going back, so happy.


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                  Just got a preamp for my newish record player, so I'm back into it now.

                  That is a crazy collection Horraholics_Anonymous, so many of gems.
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                    Just picked these up today:

                    Queen - A Night at the Opera
                    Queen - A Day at the Races
                    Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
                    Queen - News of the World
                    Blue Oyster Cult - Agents of Fortune
                    Boston - Don't Look Back
                    Cheap Trick - Dream Police
                    Heart - Little Queen
                    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold and Platinum
                    The Who - Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy
                    George Carlin - Class Clown

                    This is how I am going to spend my holiday weekend.


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                      Originally posted by mR_BuNgLe View Post
                      Just got a preamp for my newish record player, so I'm back into it now.

                      That is a crazy collection Horraholics_Anonymous, so many of gems.
                      Thanks man! I love my vinyl

                      I recently got a new record player with an amazing sounding needle. Superior quality I tell you!


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                        Just picked up Pelican - Australasia, a couple weeks ago. It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen.


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                          I inherited my dad's vinyl collection years ago when I was a kid, but since I've made a decent little collection for myself. And hey, I have A Clockwork Orange too!

                          Might as well list my own, not all that many.

                          Genghis Tron - Board Up The Houses: The Remixes [Vol. 1 & 2] waiting on the rest
                          ISIS - Panopticon
                          Pelican - Australasia [Limited Edition Re-Release]
                          Pelican/These Arms Are Snakes - Split EP
                          Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
                          Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse
                          Korn - Self Titled
                          AC/DC - For Those About To Rock
                          Stephen Brodsky - Expose Your Overdubs waiting for this by mail

                          and there might be one or two more. i'm not at home so I might be forgetting a couple. and I'm not listing all the stuff from my dad, I'd be here all day. All the essentials. Sabbath, Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, etc.

                          Originally posted by dribbz View Post
                          I always check out Goodwills selection of vinyl.
                          I tried that once and it was mind numbing, SO much crap to sort through.


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                            I seem to have found the vinyl thread. the goodwill/salvation army by my house has 90% christmas music vinyls. the other 10% are christian albums. not my thing. I was in cali this past 3 months and I found a shop in fountain valley that is as good as it gets short of going overseas or ordering from overseas. the place is called dr. freeclouds should anyone be in the neighborhood.
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                              Fellow collector here. I have been collecting for about my whole life. I have like 200-250 or so. I am really only looking for 80's Hair metal/thrash now. I have about all I want for 70's classic rock and "Southern Rock". My thing now is going and getting albums signed by the artist if I can. I have a very good friend who has been collecting for probably 25-30 years or so and we go to flea markets and garage sales just about every weekend because I always seem to only spend like $4 or $5 bucks on records anyways so it's a cheap past time for me. I am also in the process of transfering them to audio files to use on my Ipod.

                              I don't know if you are still looking for record players or not, but I have picked up all of mine on garage sales or estate sales for pennies. I have even seen players not even get sold because the auctioneer couldn't even get a $1 out of it. So just keep your eyes open and I am sure you can get one cheap and they are easy to get repaired and get parts for.So you can keep them running for a long time or just pick up them when ever you come across one that works good and cheap so you can have spares for when the current one you are using stops working.


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                                I collect them. I have about 200 and I love listening to them. I have everything from Led Zep 4 to Metallica's Ride The Lightening.