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  • The Various Projects Of Mike Patton.

    Love? Hate?

    Spread your wisdom here.

    Personally, I love Faith No More and Mr. Bungle. Both band's entire catalogues are nearly flawless.

    The Director's Cut album by Fantômas is amazing too.

    Tomahawk is also highly addictive. Overall, everything this man touches, is gold. Not a huge fan of Peeping Tom though.

    To get back to FNM, Angel Dust is, without a doubt, my favorite album of theirs (and one of my favorite albums ever).

    FNM ranking (only including the Patton era):
    Angel Dust
    The Real Thing
    King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
    Album of the Year

    Mr. Bungle
    Disco Volante

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    Big fan of Mr. Bungle. FNM is good here and there. Peeping Tom actually surprised me, pleasantly. I saw them perform "We're Not Alone" on the Henry Rollins show, and found it to be quite interesting actually...

    I also like the material he did with The Dillinger Escape Plan.

    While I'm not a HUGE fan of most of his stuff, there's no denying that Patton is one of those fringe geniuses.


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      I've actually been listening to a lot of Faith No More lately. I've never really listened to much Mr. Bungle, but I just started to get into Tomahawk a few weeks ago.
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        I can't stand a lot of the stuff he does, but every once in awhile he hits upon something I can enjoy. I totally respect his ability as a singer though. He has about 30 different, totally unique vocal styles.

        I did find it kinda funny that I can't stand Dilinger and typically can't stand Patton's output, yet I really liked the ep with him singing.

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          I really like Mr. Bungle, but I need to give some of his other stuff a listen. My (future) brother-in-law is overly obsessed with Mike Patton so I shouldn't have a difficult time getting ahold of cd's.
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            Originally posted by Doc View Post
            I also like the material he did with The Dillinger Escape Plan.
            Ah yeah, totally forgot about that one. Great little EP right there.


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              Well, I'm a huge Dillinger fan, so I first got into him with the Irony... EP. I've only heard parts of Fantomas, Peeping Tom, and Tomahawk. They all have their good moments, but I'm not a big fan them. However, I just recently started getting into Faith No More and I'm loving them. Right now I only have The Real Thing and Angel Dust, and both are fantastic.


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                I love the Lovage, baby!


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                  I like his FNM stuff best, I'll be glad if they reunite, Patton said there's a possibility of it happening!

                  The Real Thing, and Angel Dust, are the shit!!! I'd love for them to reunite, then put out album's like these!


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                    You want it out but you can't have it.


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                      Vanity Fair makes me wanna dance.
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                        Falling To Pieces, the song and the video rock!


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                          This guy's a fan.
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                            Haha, this video never gets old.

                            Mike Patton bashing Wolfmother:


                            "Wolfmothers, you SUCK!" Hahaha.

                            So true.


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                              Mike Patton a God? I believe so...

                              I really have not heard a song with Mike Patton being a part of it that I haven't enjoyed, thoroughly. My favorite side project thinger, of his, is General Patton vs. The X-ecutioners. If you haven't heard or heard of it, definitely check it out.