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  • Originally posted by black coffee View Post
    I really fucking dig the extremely chaotic and disorienting mood, and the grotesque and surreal imagery used.

    Can't wait for the release of the new album.


    • Here's the track listing for Hesitation Marks:

      1. The Eater of Dreams
      2. Copy of A
      3. Came Back Haunted
      4. Find My Way
      5. All Time Low
      6. Disappointed
      7. Everything
      8. Satellite
      9. Various Methods of Escape
      10. Running
      11. I Would for You
      12. In Two
      13. While I'm Still Here
      14. Black Noise
      I"m pretty excited to hear the full cd as a whole. I popped in The Slip again yesterday since not listening to it in ages......Still can't get into the full cd although there are a few bright spots. I loved Year Zero and the remix cd as it reminded me more of 'The Fragile' era. Can't wait to see what this whole cd sounds like!

      They should have followed through on this:

      Strobe Light

      Awesome prank from a few years ago


      • Originally posted by black coffee View Post
        Not what I was expecting. It's good to see Lynch is still fucked up as ever with his imagery and style. This is very Lost Highway-ish.

        For fucks sake man, make another movie.


        • New songs and end of set performed at Fuji Rock Festival

          Find My way


          33 mins end of set



          • Originally posted by black coffee View Post
            I'm diggin' it. I can't wait to hear more!

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            • Another new song. By the sounds of it Hesitation Marks is going to be very electro.

              Not that I mind, I love the Downward Spiral/Broken NIN era.



              • Fuji Rock Festival full set.

                The new stuff sounds great, especially Came Back Haunted.



                • [YOUTUBE]LBC3NXnN8y4[/YOUTUBE]

                  A 90 minute sneak peak of the upcoming live blu ray.

                  I hope they do a show similar to this when they tour Aus.


                  • Buhahaha!



                    • Originally posted by Outpost #31 View Post

                      That's great!