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  • Pretty disappointed with that song.

    With the people involved I'm hoping for absolute greatness.

    I'm sure the album as a whole will be better.


    • New Intronaut album is right around the corner.

      Here are two songs from the album:



      Can't wait to hear the rest!


      • The frontman for the Christian heavy metal band As I Lay Dying was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly trying to hire a detective posing as a hitman to kill his estranged wife.

        According to the Los Angeles Times, 32-year-old Tim Lambesis was arrested in Oceanside, California and charged with one count of of solicitation to commit murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime. His arraignment is scheduled for Thursday.

        KFMB-TV reported on Tuesday that Lambesis’ wife, Meggan, filed for divorce in September 2012. San Diego County Sheriffs officials said they received a tip on May 2 as to Lambesis’ alleged intentions and set up a meeting between the detective and the singer.

        “When you put something out there like this, you don’t know who you’re talking to,” said Sheriffs Department spokesperson Jan Caldwell. “And when you do something this evil and this sinister, you might be talking to a deputy sheriff.”

        Lambesis’ band had recently returned from a tour of Asia, and was scheduled to embark on another tour on May 30. It was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Metal Performance in 2007


        • The Dismemberment Plan Return With 'Uncanney Valley,' Their First Album in 12 Years

          YES! Will be a nice birthday present also as it's released on my birthday

          The Dismemberment Plan will release their first album in 12 years this fall. On October 15, Partisan Records will issue Uncanney Valley, the Washington, D.C. foursome's follow-up to 2001's stellar Change.

          According to an official announcement, the DP recorded their fifth full-length with longtime collaborator J. Robbins in his Baltimore studio, Magpie Cage. Paul Q. Kolderie mixed the 10-track LP, while Dismemberment Plan guitarist Jason Caddell handled production duties, along with the rest of the band.

          Originally formed in 1993, the Travis Morrison-led unit (rounded out by Caddell, bassist Eric Axelson, and drummer Joe Easley) were active for 10 years before they broke up in 2003. Since the hiatus, each of the heady band members each pursued different paths: Morrisson worked for the Huffington Post and Washington Post, and is now the president of his very own start-up company; Caddell made a living as a freelance audio engineer for corporate and political events, in addition to playing on and producing records; Axelson has been teaching in public schools; and Easley earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and is now employed at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Why a group of such smart, capable dudes have decided to misspell "Uncanny" in their album title remains beyond us.

          The Dismemberment Plan got back together briefly in 2007 for a couple of benefit shows, and then staged a full-on reunion tour in 2011, which coincided with the reissue of their 1999 classic, Emergency & I.

          "When I listen to this record it's hard for me to believe we're a bunch of 40-year-olds now," Morrisson said in a statement. "It sounds like the musical heat is stronger than ever." He also said, "We weren’t going to get anything good unless we could trick ourselves into staying in that place where it was creativity for its own sake. It was a real blessing and opportunity to be in that space again without thinking we had a product to deliver."
          Uncanney Valley track list:

          1. "No One’s Saying Nothing"
          2. "Waiting"
          3. "Invisible"
          4. "White Collar White Trash"
          5. "Living in Song"
          6. "Lookin'"
          7. "Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer"
          8. "Mexico City Christmas"
          9. "Go and Get It"
          10. "Let's Just Go to the Dogs Tonight"


          • I've been sunbathing listening to southern rock and blues . Motorhead Ace of Spades (acoustic) and Whorehouse Blues came on, I wish they would do an acoustic album.


            • My friends has a new band called EVRA.

              Harcore/rockNroll similar to Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, etc.

              Check out their first single:

              Listen and LIKE.

              Good shit.

              EDIT: Now with a youtube link...

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              • recently heard Avicii Wake me up wow it's amazing song i ever enjoyed awesome singing and music
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                • New Crosses song and video. Loooove it!



                  • Originally posted by black coffee View Post
                    New Crosses song and video. Loooove it!

                    It is a great song.


                    • Fucking horrible song but awesome clip parody



                      • Originally posted by Rusted View Post
                        Fucking horrible song but awesome clip parody



                        • Former Lostprophets Vocalist Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Charges

                          Ian Watkins was denying the accusations as recently as this past June, The PRP reports that he has now plead guilty to the following charges:

                          Conspiring to rape a child.

                          Sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13.

                          Aiding and abetting a female co-defendant to sexually assault a child under 13.

                          Possessing indecent photographs of children.

                          Two counts of taking indecent photographs of children.

                          Possession of bestiality pornography.

                          Two counts of attempting to rape of an eleven month old child.

                          Watkins’ female accomplices also plead guilty to various charges, and are arguably even more despicable than the singer, because they are the mothers of the abused children.

                          And in case that didn’t already make you sick to your stomach, here are some other details revealed during the legal proceedings, via tweets from ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn, who was in the courthouse:

                          When one of the mothers floated the idea of “a summer of incest and child porn,” Watkins replied, “Hell yeah, baby.”

                          The trio discussed “whoring out” the kids.

                          Watkins told one mother that “the sooner we start training [her child] the better.”

                          Watkins and one of the mothers filmed the attempted rape.

                          One of the children tested positive for meth. There’s also apparently been some discussion of possible crack use.

                          Watkins remains under investigation, as authorities believe he may have abused even more minors. Meanwhile, he and his two accomplices will be sentenced for the above crimes on December 18.

                          This is beyond fucked up.


                          • Need help looking for a band I heard in my tattoo parlour today.

                            Proggy, kinda metal band called The Samsara (maybe) something something. The guy told me their name but I didn't hear him properly.

                            Anyone have any idea who I'm talking about ? If it helps I thought it was Godspeed !.


                            • Originally posted by Rusted View Post
                              Fucking horrible song but awesome clip parody
                              I'm not sure what drugs you're on but Bound 2 is a fucking amazing song.

                              I feel like people hate the video (Rightfully so) and project their hatred of 'Ye onto the song.

                              Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film.
                              I find the Metal Gear Solid series to be mediocre at best.


                              • Originally posted by Se7en Sins View Post
                                I'm not sure what drugs you're on but Bound 2 is a fucking amazing song.

                                I feel like people hate the video (Rightfully so) and project their hatred of 'Ye onto the song.
                                Amazing song

                                Butchered samples of good music with awful rapping. Sorry, but the clip and the music stink, and I don't mind some of Kanyes stuff.