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Any Crazy Mazey's House of Horror Veterans Here?

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    Originally posted by CrazyMAzeY View Post
    hi guys nice to hear how you all still remember it. it got shut down cos i got sewed. well threatened by the mpaa. for 1.5 million dollars so. we went underground but they still found me and i had to. and yes we called them cookies not torrents back
    well i'm on facebook so if ya wanna catch up join me over there.

    CrazyMAzeYa House Of Horror Was One Of The Best If Not The Best Horror Site on the net. shame it went under..
    Yeah I remember getting the Prince of Darkness soundtrack over there. Great site man and it's fondly remembered.
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      found this site by googleing for crazey mazeys as i remember those days, i remember paying money though? not sure what i was paying for, maybe you got something from donating?

      anyway, i liked the obscure sexploitation movies you could find there, is there anywhere today that carries that sort of content? usenet is good, but it's not great for obscure things.
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        --- comment deleted due to comment it was responding to being deleted ---
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          Yeah, great site. Was there pretty much at the start, back when it was really slow and difficult to get stuff, 1Mbit connection only, used to leave PC on 24/7 seeding to keep that damn ratio up.

          Still got my cRazie mAzie folder where I used to have all the films I grabbed, and a .jpg of the site name for the thumbnail view when I had XP AND I used to save all the torrent files to a folder and download n delete as I went along, then I got lazy, so I still have a folder with about 20+ torrent files! Kept them for nostalgia

          Note: I just loaded one into uTorrent, no, he hasn't secretly got the tracker up and running
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            Some of the movies I destroyed when I realised just how large my pirate collection was, it would be a pleasure to retrieve and I can't find any seller stocking them.
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              Found this thread by googling for Crazy Mazey's site. The discussion legacy were awesome there and I wish I could find a community like that again.
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                Wow, this thread brings back old memories.

                CM - good times, drama, insanity.