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  • Wednesday fan here. After finally getting taken over we are spending money and looking like a force again.

    Originally posted by Locke View Post
    Leicester fan here - currently the only unbeaten team in the Prem! We have a far more forgiving run than last season, I'm hoping if we can stay on this kind of form we can have enough points for safety this year by the end of November so there won't be the same kind of pressure as there was in the second half of last season. It sure did result in some fireworks, though! I think this year Sunderland, Newcastle and Villa's numbers are finally up. Man City look to breeze the victory this year, although Marshall oddly enough seems to have illuminated a broken looking United.
    Yeah you've had a great start, Mahrez looks some player! I definitely see Sunderland going down and possibly Newcastle if McClaren can't settle the ship. (we've got them league cup on Wednesday). It's been a wacky start results wise, especially with Chelsea. My fantasy Team has sucked this year although I'm proud of picking callum WIlson .

    What did you think of Pearson? He did well for you but seemed to lose the plot a bit with his outbursts.


    • I'm still buzzing over my beloved Tottenham giving City an absolute ass raping