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What do you drive or ride?

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  • What do you drive or ride?

    What cars, motorcyles, mopeds, bikes, skateboards, etc do you use to get around?

    I drive a 2008 Mazda MX-5. I also have a 2000 Saturn and a 3 speed black Nirve chopper bicycle, but recently they just sit around.

    Since it's extra clean, I took a pic of it after feeding it Shell gas.

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    I got a black 2001 Chevy Malibu. It's not much for looks, but I love that fuckin car.


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      My sad excuse for an automobile is a '99 Hyundai Elantra. A few months ago it took a crap and doesn't run like it should so I haven't driven it's just been sitting in the driveway all sad and shit. It's at times like these I miss being home in Vegas where my dad would just fix it for free. Now I have to pay a fucking mechanic I'm also really hoping that when I register it here in California I can keep the 666 on the plates that I've had since I got my license 8 years ago...*crosses fingers*

      [I swear I'll fist fuck your brain until I'm smiling again]


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        a sledgehammer
        Old man Clemmons hates shit.


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          Company vehicle. (not actual photo, BTW)

          And the wife drives this.

          And you can call your gang, your posse and the rest of your crew.
          And while you're at it get them addicts and the indigent too.
          I plan to have a whole army by the time that I'm through
          to load their guns with songs they haven't sung


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            I currently drive a 1993 Ford Mondeo that has definitely seen better days.

            Just like this one:

            I love driving it, but I should be getting a company car soon.

            Most likely one of these, as the company I work for has just signed a 3 year contract with Mercedes Benz:

            Mercedes Benz C220 CDI Sport:


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              BMW 528i '08


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                Blue Bike.

                It even has a basket in the front.
                Always check your candy.


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                  2002 corvette z06


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                    An old Ford pick up. I'm not sure what year.


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                      Well, I don't quite have my license quite yet. I do have a truck though. It's a beat to shit white '94 S-10. She needs some work, but I am pretty excited for it.


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                        2004 Nissan
                        jIMMY jOE'S GOT THE BALL AND WON'T GIVE IT UP!"


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                          This is a picture of my awesome 2001 mercury sable got it last october and havent had any problems with it so far


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                            I drive a silver Volkswagon Beetle named Christine.
                            GOD DAMN NAM'S WHAT HAPPENED! GO GET ME A BEER, BITCH!

                            i'm pretty sure The Reverend Horton Heat is one of the best bands that has ever lived. Psychobilly is the shit, and Rev. puts on one of the best live shows in existence.



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                              Trains and buses, else shanksies pony or me mountain bike

                              BATH TIME BATHORY-STYLE!