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    • Originally posted by voodoo_dolly View Post
      You're right it's fantasy but it seems lately that the genres are blended. If you go to a bookstore a lot of times they'll have them together as sci-fi/fantasy but there are contributing factors that separate them.
      I've always seen fantasy, sci-fi, and horror as being sister genres myself, there's a ton of overlapping between the three, but after reading the LOTR books and seeing the animated flick numerous times when I was kid a I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it being labeled sci-fi.

      Disclaimer: I have to admit that I've only seen bits and pieces of Jackson's films, I just haven't had any interest in them. So, if it's only the recent trilogy that being called sci-fi I'll shut up on the subject because I'd be talking out my ass.


      • Originally posted by Justin_Voorhees View Post
        lol I've been there for years.

        You have not.
        I've been there for 5 years and know most everyone...and no one there is as cuntish as you.



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          Originally posted by R. Flagg View Post
          As I said, I'd love to hear it. By the by, being snide doesn't work on me .
          Search for it.

          I also couldn't give two shits if it works on you. lol
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          • Originally posted by Wonderlust View Post
            You have not.
            I've been there for 5 years and know most everyone...and no one there is as cuntish as you.
            lol yes I have. I just rarely ever post because this forum has a much better layout. Also I'm not cuntish at all, some of you just can't take a joke.


            • Originally posted by voodoo_dolly View Post
              So I finished The Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex and according to Sigmund Freud the sexual nature of a human being starts in infancy when they attain not only nutritional but sexual gratification from suckling at the moter's breast and later from sucking on one's own thumb. This is bc the mouth is considered an erogenous zone. He also leads us to assume that children withold their feces as long as possible bc they experience sexual pleasure from taking a dump. We don't remember this bc we've been taught since early childhood to repress our sexual tendencies.

              Freud's initial findings on why women were often so called "hysterical" and "neurotic" in those days was that they had experienced sexual abuse at some stage in their lives.

              Upon presenting these facts to his peers, he got laughed at, ridiculed and the like.

              Quicksmart, he replaced his initial findings with the convoluted theories of oral fixation, anal stages, women being jealous of their dad's dicks, etc, etc, etc.

              He saved his arse and sold out on his original findings. And sold out on women too.

              Originally posted by Renacimiento View Post
              Sadomasochism has always been the furthest reach of the sexual experience: when sex becomes most purely sexual, that is, severed from personhood, from relationships, from love.

              It should not be surprising that it has become attached to Nazi symbolism in recent years. Never before was the relation of masters and slaves so consciously aestheticized.

              Sade had to make up his theater of punishment and delight from scratch, improvising the decor and costumes and blasphemous rites. Now there is a master scenario available to everyone. The color is black, the material is leather, the seduction is beauty, the justification is honesty, the aim is ecstasy, the fantasy is death.
              This quote is somewhat out of context and as I haven't read Susan Sontag's book, I'm not sure what she was getting at.

              But it's a helluva jump to go from something that is purely sexual (according to her) and Nazi's and Fascism. Huge irrational leap there with nothing concrete to connect the two.

              Originally posted by Morningriser View Post
              If I had to compare a blowjob to something Id be here all day because I simply cant do it. My first one goes down as one of my favorite lifetime experiences along with the birth of my child and my first acid trip.
              Fuck, this made me laugh
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              • Originally posted by DeathbyIggy View Post
                It's really odd. I can't put my finger on it, but at the moment it just seems hard to navigate. I guess i'll get used to it over time, but at the moment i much prefer BD's layout to UHM's.
                Originally posted by Shape View Post
                BD's layout is much better. UHM is a lot more personalized for the user, but it's really cluttered, imo.

                There's a lot of activity, though, I can say that.
                I think the layout is too clunky on there, not to mention that the use of emoticon on there is utterly ridiculous...

                I also dislike the fact that you can pay for perks on UHM but that's just me...


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                  • Happy New Years Eve everyone.


                    • Originally posted by R. Flagg View Post
                      Happy New Years Eve everyone.

                      Same to you and to everyone here on B-D...


                      • Happy new yeaars to everybody!!! May 2013 suck less then this past year!!!
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                        • Just got back from seeing Les MisÚrables, great movie, just know that it's like 99% singing.

                          Interesting thing tho, the appearance, set, filmstock, etc made it feel like a Hammer film, I was almost expecting there to be a vampire, werewolf, or something in the mix to the point I was starting to imagine that it was the story of a vampire chasing a werewolf or something

                          Anyway, look it up and go see it if it looks interesting to you, it's great film and sure to be up for many Oscars.
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                          • Happy New Year everybody!!!


                            • I think someone forgot to tell the assholes in my neighborhood that it's New Years, not the 4th of July.

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                              • Yeah, suprised they're not doing that here yet. Dogs will be freakin.
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                                "Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places."
                                H.P. Lovecraft