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  • Boston Lockdown

    A little much, no?

    I guess it worked, since the suspect in question is now apprehended. Still though, does anyone else find this method kind of crazy? It's unprecidented.

    The closest example I can remember, is the Baltimore Sniper, which didn't cause an entire city to be shut down(as far as I can remember).

    I really have no point, or opinion on the matter. I'm just trying to induce some discussion.

    So now you discuss............

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    I know I'm gonna get all sorts of hate spit at me but I think the whole lockdown made the city management of Boston look like cowardly children and up till now I've always had a deep love and respect for Boston. What those two douchbags did was horrible and they needed to be caught asap but for fucks sake you don't close down an entire metropolitan city because you're afraid of two teenagers.
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      I am glad that the second guy was caught alive as I want him to be able to talk. While I am not the massive conspiracy theorist I used to be, I remain heavily skeptical and questioning in situations like this. I want to hear what this guy has to say. I would also really like to hear James Holmes say two words instead of just looking wild eyed in the prosecution chair.

      As far as the lockdown, I suppose they were just trying to keep the guy from getting too far, but tanks and shit? Please. Yes, it is a bit much. This is where I could dive into some "alternative media" type stuff, but I'll refrain.


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        A little far yes, but I think it was more of a reassurance for people... plus they really can't have another public or school act of hate.


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          Glad, they took out the trash
          Cinema Junkyard


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            Anyone else find it ironic that the bomber kid who's been reported to be a Muslim extremist was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital to get saved?


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              A little overkill? 9000 police and military? Martial law?

              Not to mention he was caught by a citizen after the cordon was lifted?

              There's a lot of fear being displayed, from the top brass...