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Originally Posted by BurnetRhoades View Post
That's the movie I was trying to think of! Yeah. He has this quality about him in these two movies in particular where I just wanna tell him,"look, I know you mean well, in your way, but you really are an asshole."

Something about his speech is also really good for technical, medical jargon. All the consonants maybe, the way they play off the resonance in his nose and the clicking of his teeth.

I'm not good with placing accents but something about the Northeastern feel of the way he talks gives his words extra credibility. I hear education and culture in a way few actors come across anymore. Christopher Plummer is another that comes to mind, regardless of what sort of accent he's affecting for a particular role.
Absolutely. The same way well spoken English actors like Anthony Hopkins can exude the impression of learnedness through over-accentuation of every syllable and letter, he seems to imbue his monologues with an air of impatient arrogance that give his characters the organic feeling of professionalism. Few actors can offer this quality in their work.

Christopher Lee used to manage this consistently, but he used it to craft himself hundreds of dickish villain roles (which I respect greatly). It's too bad Silver never really got his recognition.
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