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I preordered this a few months ago, will have to double check about that special edition.

I've bought every magazine I've seen to do with this game, infact, I don't think I've ever been this excited for a game release. Something thats awesome is the fact that FOX has canonised this game, making it that any related film made from know, will have to take the actions from the game into account. That's some bad assness.

I was talking to the woman behind the counter last time I put money on it, she is a manager of EB. And she said I'll love it, she said all EB managers get previews of shit, they sat her down in a huge theatre of about 200 or so, and got given a showing. SHe said everyone was jumping and screaming at the same times and the attention to detail from Aliens is just insane.

Can't. Fucking. Wait.
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