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The Living Dead
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i just found it rather boring that, of course, the second "the girl" gets a gun pulled on her, she spills the beans. also, i think it's past time everyone had some sort of contingency plan for getting caught, like didn't any of y'all ever watch star wars before the zombie apocalypse? i mean, give a fake fucking location. "um, we're all in a farm house off of route bumblefuck." buy yourself some time. the governor has no deathstar, he can't blow up your home planet of prison because "the farm house" is too remote a target to make an example of. having said that, i can't wait to see the governor die. that shit he pulled with maggie was fucked-up, and it's about a tenth of comic book governor.

i also thought that might be tyreese walkin off the wall. and for fucks sake andrea, quit drinking and thinking with yer cootchie and put a knife in the governor's head already.

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