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Default Voting Philosophies

There sure are a lot of strange voting decisions going on this year's horror draft (2012)

People having different tastes is to be expected.

But some factors are obviously uncool

Grizzing: so named after Joe Grizz gave Rusted a huge negative score after they became enemies. Anyone giving a member a lower than real score due to how they feel about the member is just wrong. A movie's quality doesn't change just because it was picked by someone you hate instead of someone you like.

In-versing: The quality of a film doesn't change no matter how well known or obscure it is. While we all like to discover new films, a film isn't better because it's relatively unknown. Nor is a film worse because most every horror fan on the planet has seen it and most love it.

The Thing by John Carpenter. Might just be the mot vanilla horror film on the planet, most everyone has heard of it, seen it, and loves it. Is it a lazy pick? Maybe, but it gets picked early on because many regard it as one of the greatest horror films of all time. Not the only all time great of course, that's dozens, if not 100s of all time great horror films.

Note that it was "obscure" until it came out of VHS and had done "poorly" in theaters.

Every year movies that not so many have heard of get picked. If they're any good, they'll become vanilla.

The Cremator (1969) - Juraj Herz is a good example, made in 1969, first picked 3 years ago and will prolly get picked every year from now on.

It's great to get "Recs" or Recommendations, but do we want to recommend bad movies? It can be good to give everything a chance, but bad movies won't get picked or score well year after year while good movies will become regulars and get picked most every time and score well.

Judging a movie based on how vanilla or mainstream it manages to become is just stupid. Are we really going to hate on movies because they're "too good" or all the "cool kids" like it?

Or give extra points to the ones that didn't get the love they deserved on release? If it's good, it'll get a good score and become vanilla over time. Which mean what's good and obscure this year is shitty and over-rated next year....

Let's try to make sense here.
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