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Originally Posted by CountOrlok View Post
I can only speak for myself, but I'd rather be introduced to a movie I've never heard of and not like it, than hear about Psycho or Halloween for the millionth time. At least it's something new.

Maybe in time, that movie will become just as vanilla as Psycho or Halloween. But I don't have a time machine, so I don't see how that counts.
But your love of a movie shouldn't depend on what others think of it, that's the point, you're giving a movie extra points for an obscure movie because only "5%" of the horror community knows much of anything about it, and then less points once "70%"+ knows about it.

Do you really hate a good movie 5 years later now that "everyone knows about it and likes it? Or do you want to give high scores to something that has gotten little to no press or advertising, but by picking it you are giving it press and advertising, and there by pushing it into your hated vanilla zone?
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